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Everybody’s Stupid, CXVII

Do you believe that all honesty is founded in moral uprightness? The old, biblical proverb, “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed”, is meant to serve as a reminder that people who don’t speak up won’t get the things that they require or desire. But when you grow up being told stuff like that, it’s easy to misinterpret the importance of tact and thoughtfulness when communicating with others. And I’d bet money that every time you hear a person state “closed mouths don’t get fed”, they are patronizing or ridiculing someone, right? Incorrect implications can lead to misinterpretations that perpetuate ignorance. When you take a proverb that is meant to be a concise explanation of the consequences of reluctance and missed opportunities and make it about condescending to discreet people, it defeats the purpose! Speaking out isn’t always constructive or positive. And quite frankly, I think most people should consider shutting the fuck up majority of the time. When was the last time you intentionally hurt someone’s feelings? How many times have you unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings but felt like no apology was necessary? I was just watching a video on YouTube that shows drive-through and walk-through footage of dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit, and it is some of the saddest shit I’ve ever seen. A random burning car, women fighting in the street, a robbery victim explaining how he was just robbed, men being forced and escorted out of convenience stores for belligerence, drug dealings, etc., all caught on candid camera. I wonder if niggas understand that not voting is essentially keeping their closed mouths unfed!? But I digress. Besides, how the fuck can people who don’t know what’s best for them tell someone what they need? We exist in a place where many people would rather steal than ask for help, which is the same place where asking for help is likely to have the helpless manipulated and exploited. Everybody’s only looking out for themselves, as if they’re the only ones who matter. Then again, “if you give a person an inch, they’ll take a mile”. Yet and still, democracies and societies are intrinsically reliant on dependence. For instance, billionaires don’t exist without consumers, consumers can’t consume without income, and income comes from places that are dependent on consumers. None of this shit works with people working together. But the more unfair the rules are, the less people will care about the rules. People don’t like hearing the truth because they’re liable to be on the wrong side of it, which is another reason why some are so uncensored in the expression of their feelings. Ridicule is many times the projection of insecurities that people feel concerning the truth about themselves that they internally concede to but externally reject. And pointing out other people’s mishaps and misunderstandings is some people’s way of comforting themselves as they realize that other people aren’t perfect either. It’s fucked-up that people have to persistently pretend to prohibit the exposure of their imperfections—the same imperfections that other people expose to prohibit the exposure of their own. People are far too full of shit to even recognize how full of shit they are. People are so full of shit that they leave a little bit behind everywhere they go—a shit trail. If you’re surrounded by shit and you’re full of it, shit is the only thing you know. As well, being “with the shits” means to be available for or receptive to whatever bullshit is presented, which just prolongs the presence of bullshit in society. Greed is people lying about how much they deserve. And there’s nothing greedier than being full of shit, stealing shit, selling the shit that you stole, and perpetuating bullshit to preserve your shit reserves! And if you have some shit to say about the shit that I’m saying, don’t keep that shit to yourself—share that shit.

Charlamagne, stop jacking my talking points before I flame you, you black-ass, bald-headed motherfucker! Every now and then, I like to remind everyone reading my blog that I deliberately conserve my most profound arguments because motherfuckers aren’t as smart as me but they like to pretend to be. Charlamagne, as a consumer of black culture’s content, I no longer dislike you as an internet personality. But I must inform you that your mark is already ingrained, Mr. McKelvey. And it’s a mark of disgrace and disdain! You can’t spend the most prominent portion of your career making people hate you and toiling to aggravate said haters, then come around and think you can turn it around after no one cares. It just doesn’t work that way, sir. People are often offensive in moments when they believe their actions are estimable or valiant. For instance, most of us are able to detect the urgency followed by relief in a person’s voice as they begin and end an impassioned expulsion of enmity, right? The intended purpose of the right to free speech is for people to practice open expression as a method of conveying ideas, concerns, criticisms, etc. in a civil manner and without infringement. In my opinion, having the ability to form unique perspectives doesn’t defend people’s proclivity for being disrespectful. How often do you think disrespect is the central cause of contention? If you have the “right” to say whatever you want, the other parties involved have the freedom to respond as they see fit. Nobody needs permission from the Constitution to fire back at insults, break the law and whoop your ass, or worse! What’s more, always remember that nervous people panic and panicked people are liable to overreact. A scared person will shoot a motherfucker faster than a daredevil will because the fastest way to alleviate that fear is to eliminate the threat. Not to mention the fact that hurt people hurt people, and pissing people off is just generally dangerous. People who maintain a sober view of life understand that confrontations are inherently distressing, so they avoid that stress and anxiety by staying away from nonsense and hightailing it whenever they sense hostility. Upstanding people are honest and ethical, not hostile and insulting! Early on, Charlamagne discarded discretion and conversed candidly through an unfiltered voice that routinely hurled searing, derogatory remarks at easy, unguarded targets. In other words, people dislike Charlamagne because he’s a provocative prick! And he’s also yet another wannabe me. I’m smarter than y’all because I obtain more from the information that we all share. Also, I haven’t spent the bulk of my life trying to fit a mold or embody an ideal. Being authentic has always been important to me, even as I was trying out different levels of adherence to the notion of normalcy. Before I fully accepted who I am, I believed that my lack of concern for people and their opinions was potentially unhealthy. But in discovering that it is perfectly healthy for me to stay true to who I naturally am, I found that I am completely comfortable standing alone. Having a mind of your own is probably the most important element of intelligence. If you can’t think for yourself, you’ll only understand what’s explained to you. However, if you’re aware that you lack the capacity to comprehend something and you require an explanation from someone who you believe is more informed, please try to be mindful enough to make a habit of fact-checking all information that you deem critical to your comprehension of the subject matter. Famous and forceful voices often give a false impression of trustworthiness because people tend to erroneously suspect that notable people are thoroughly vetted and their statements are scrutinized by higher powers before being publicized. But the truth is, controversy is a business and misinformation is controversial. If you can’t trust the news or the government, what makes you think you can trust Charlamagne?

How often do performers provide pertinent or pivotal information? I’m not implying that the answer to that question is never, but I am suggesting that performers aren’t predominantly practical—they’re generally pretenders and exaggerators. Take this Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion beef for instance. Do you expect to learn anything of benefit from the diss tracks those two ladies are releasing? Even outside the music, as regular-ass people, how regularly does Nicki or Megan impart thoughts that are instrumental in the dissemination of pertinent information? In my opinion, when you choose entertainment as a profession, you’re oftentimes more interested in entertaining people than teaching them something. And simply repeating shit that you learned from someone who’s smart, even if you agree with the smart person, doesn’t make you smart. Any who, as far as Nicki and Megan are concerned, I think they’re both silly. They are two talented humans who’ve had very public human experiences, and instead of using their eminence in popular culture to edify their audiences, they’d rather try to humiliate each other while diminishing their own value as women. Do you know how I know how powerful influences can be? I know because Nicki Minaj is going to read this. And if you don’t believe me, ask Joe Budden. Now, I could be bullshitting, but does it matter? If you’re impressed and/or influenced by me and my tremendous talent, what makes you think you’re the only one?! Celebrities are just exceptionally popular, regular-ass people! From my perspective, no one should allow anyone to dictate how important someone is in their life. People should only mean to you what you decide they mean to you. I believe that people’s perceptions and interpretations of fame and famous people are innately crude and inexact because they are corrupted by the ridiculous but commonly shared idea that popularity is tantamount to importance. As it pertains to people, importance is as subjective as attractiveness. For example, I was playing Fortnite last year and I unlocked a character named Khaby Lame. I used the character for weeks, thinking Fortnite just made up some random nigga and gave him two open palms as a theme—all the character’s gear and icons have images of shiny palms. Well, it turns out that Khaby Lame is the most popular influencer on TikTok, with over 160 million followers on the platform, and the two open palms are emblematic of his signature shrug and hand gesture. Who knew, right? Do you know how much I cared? I Googled the nigga and didn’t even care enough to watch one video. Because that shit isn’t important to me. So, when someone as famous as Charlamagne is repeating shit that I wrote on a consistent basis, how important do you think I am to Charlamagne? Going back to the subjectivity of attractiveness, I think Megan Thee Stallion is more sexually appealing than Nicki Minaj. But if you look at the two women side by side, they slightly resemble each other. As far as their music beef is concerned, as a fan of hip hop, I’m not taking a side. Yet, I think Nicki is the better rapper. More importantly, I wish black women cared more about each other. If Nicki Minaj told the “Barbs” to dump their bum-ass boyfriends, get tested for STIs regularly, and never have sex without birth control if their partners aren’t father material, many of them would try their best to do it. Instead, because Nicki is an entertainer, her primary aim isn’t to womanly train, it’s to entertain. And because Nicki is a regular-ass person, it’s not her responsibility to teach strangers how to be more responsible. Celebrities need guidance and support just like everybody else. Luckily for them, I’m not an entertainer. Peace.

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