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Everybody’s Stupid, CXV

What can you do, what are you doing, and what have you done that other people can’t do, aren’t doing, and haven’t done?! When you think about it, the greatest majority of functioning people pretty much do all the same things. The saying “we all have the same 24 hours” accurately insinuates that everyone is capable of fulfilling their desires, at least to the best of their abilities. But how insistent on succeeding is the average person? People who covet what other people have generally don’t have the drive to stay persistent and determined. Take me for instance. I bet some of you wonder why I post on my blog so consistently without visible likes and followers, right? I’m diligent and dead set on accomplishing my goals, no matter what, because I believe in myself that much. Everything I do, I do it for me! I don’t really give a fuck about how people feel about what I’m doing, but I appreciate that there are a lot of people who will appreciate how much I share and how badly I want to see people evolve. Yet and still, I’m pushing whether people love it or hate it. Y’all are going to be mad as fuck, at yourselves, if or when you come to realize that people hate you the most when they don’t matter to you and when you don’t need them. As a human, I totally understand why it’s important for people to be acknowledged and to feel accepted. Also as a human, I completely comprehend the fact that people exploit other people’s necessity for acceptance and acknowledgement by making those people feel like they need them to be accepted and acknowledged! For the continuity between posts, I would like to note that I’m not on social media because everybody who visits my website is only here for me. Where the algorithm pushes people to creators on large platforms, my assemblage of readers is recurring solely and specifically because they want to know my thoughts. I’m smarter than y’all! But I digress. Anew, I’m not an adherent of humility because I believe it’s human nature for people to undervalue and underestimate everything and everyone that they dislike and misunderstand. With that, I don’t believe it’s healthy or helpful for anyone to solely, or even regularly, rely on affirmation from other people for motivation. Being self-affirmed means possessing the ability to act confidently without exterior encouragement. But there are bombastic, braggadocios, birdbrained people out there who give themselves way too much fucking credit! How difficult is it to be exceptional at everyday tasks? Better yet, how hard is it to record yourself doing your daily duties and upload it to the internet? As it pertains to materialism, since when does quantity and expense translate to a higher quality of life? Money is probably the lead cause of stress everywhere it’s needed to survive, agreed? But how many people stress themselves out just pretending that they have more money than they do? Those over-stressed fakers deal with the stress of not having enough money to sustain their façade, as well as the stress that naturally comes with attempting to maintain their physical and mental health as a human who’s being judged by other humans who judge to temporarily assuage their own stress. In other words, stop giving a fuck about what people think before you’re overwhelmed by voluntary stress! Additionally, and this is something everyone knows but no one seems to understand, having more money only presents stupid people with more problems. Keeping a steady income, paying your taxes, living within your means, and being generally responsible is all it takes to circumvent financial trauma. Who needs to drive an inordinately expensive car? Who needs to pay an exorbitant price for their home? Who needs overpriced clothing? How many people apprehend that weak people need material things to distinguish themselves in a world where they’d feel inadequate without having a tangible advantage?!

Stupid niggas might as well stay broke and hungry, huh? All niggas do is fuck up their money. What sense does it make to pursue wealth with the goal of getting out of unfortunate circumstances just to acquire riches and willfully create worse-than-before circumstances? If you believe you’re special, and I’m not assuming that you’re not, what makes you feel that way? If I only wanted to be seen and heard, without my presence and input being relevant and meaningful, I would be just like all the talking-ass niggas who create and join podcasts because it’s trendy. I’m not saying that I will never create a podcast, I’m saying that I’m nothing like the rest of these niggas! I want my own fucking category! Do y’all have any idea of the mountains that I intend to move just for the fuck of it?! And I wish a motherfucker would tell me I can’t do it! For the record, everything I’m saying applies to every male who feels some type of way about what I’m saying. At some point, everybody who’s up was on the come up. If you have goals, no matter the size of those goals, never forget that. I’m for the people, even if it doesn’t seem like it at times. If you’re accustomed to stupidity—being stupid and doing stupid things—you don’t have to remain that way. Contrary to popular belief, switching up, changing your mind, and acting different aren’t always signs of losing yourself—they’re frequently indications of growth. Personally, I don’t even want to be around motherfuckers who get upset every time I transform or transition. I don’t even have a “circle”, but if I did, it would be Cheerios-sized. If we’re meant to, or even just prone to, associate with like-minded people, how easy do you think it would be for me to find said people? To everyone who taps in with me regularly, how well do you think you understand me? I know I’m a complex, enigmatic person, and those are two of my favorite personal characteristics. I swear I only want to be perceived as a distinct individual. If you compare me to anybody, please stop! And as often as I’m imitated, I’m not even worried about niggas jacking this part of my rant, because they can’t. Nobody but y’all believes you niggas are special or important, you’re just available and/or entertaining and that keeps you around. I probably should have given a trigger warning for this one, but fuck it. When I talk shit, I hope I don’t come across like any of the motherfuckers I’m subliminally referencing in this discourse. A lot of y’all niggas are insecure and delusional, which is why you’re so avaricious and unpleasant. Again, weak-ass people need a lot of material things to feel adequate. If you didn’t give a fuck about what people think, you wouldn’t waste so much time and money trying to prove that you’re better than what you assume people think you are! In being openly acquisitive, you’re posturing and toiling to prove yourself because you believe you’re inadequate, not because you’re naturally superior. There are unarguable statistics that signify innately strong people’s tendency to be quiet and long-time wealthy people’s propensity for understating. Like I always say, secure people just aren’t compelled to demonstrate their security—especially not through the acquisition of worldly possessions. Where pragmatic people want what’s vital, possessive people want everything that means nothing! I could say this shit 101 different ways, but how many of y’all are getting it? I’m not trying to dictate what’s supposed to matter to you, but I believe it’s advantageous for everyone to make sense of the dissimilarities between submissiveness and assertiveness. Ultimately, that’s what this is all about—obedience and defiance. When you give a fuck about what people think, you’re giving them exactly what they want, and you might as well just bend over and spread your cheeks!

Who do you think would win a fight between DJ Akademiks and Saucy Santana? My money is on Saucy! If you somehow don’t know who those people are, DJ Akademiks is an iconic male gossiper and internet commentator and Saucy Santana is a gay rapper and one of the most epic shit-talkers in popular culture. Saucy also became one of my favorite celebrities after they flamed DJ Akademiks. A few months ago, Saucy Santana called out DJ Akademiks for his tendency to start beefs with females in black culture—suggesting that Akademiks never has hostile energy for other men. In Saucy’s now infamous rant, they threatened to knock out Akademiks and fuck him in the ass. After that, Akademiks did a live stream and sobbed as he alleged that he couldn’t retaliate against Saucy’s threats because he doesn’t want to get cancelled for what could be perceived as hateful or discriminatory remarks toward the LGBTQ+ community. Yes, this is all true. Needless to say, the internet crowned Saucy the victor of the war of words. Saucy Santana is friends with a female rapper named Yung Miami, and Saucy’s initial back and forth with Akademiks was in defense of comments Akademiks made toward Yung Miami. I usually don’t care about shit like this, but a lot of nonsense be too loud to ignore. A few days ago, Akademiks and Miami were trending across social media as they berated, insulted, and threatened each other on X. How do you feel about tough-talking women who stand toe-to-toe and bark with men? And do you believe women deserve a pass for being overly sensitive where men are referred to as bitches for showing their sensitivity? Yung Miami feels indignant after DJ Akademiks shared his opinion about her music career being in its twilight. And Miami’s response to having her feelings hurt by Akademik’s opinion was to attack his manhood. It should go without saying that Yung Miami can’t beat DJ Akademiks in a fight. So, why would a very feminine woman hurl fighting words and issue threats of physical violence if she isn’t capable of beating her chosen opponent? A better question is, why would a black woman carelessly put black men in a position to be obligated to defend her honor in ways that compromise their safety and freedom? In true nigga fashion, and in addition to being one of Diddy’s diddlers, Yung Miami has a famous gangster rapper baby-daddy. And if a gangster rapper ain’t gone do nothing else, he gone be a gangster. Who has more shit to prove than a gangster? Niggas don’t give a fuck about black people! In my opinion, Yung Miami doesn’t care how many young black women she’s negatively influencing with her behavior and DJ Akademiks could care less about teaching young men the importance of appropriateness and courtesy. I’m not mad at DJ Akademiks defending himself against denigration, but he’s successful enough to ignore most of the bullshit that’s thrown his way and still maintain his relevancy in popular culture. The whole point of making it big is to cut out infinitesimal and inconsequential irritants. Why the fuck are niggas so against growing the fuck up?! How the fuck can you believe you’re better than people for having more money them but you have the same broke-ass mentality that less fortunate people have? And y’all wonder why racism still exists!? If niggas can’t or refuse to change, why the fuck should white people change? Are racists wrong for believing that niggas are self-destructive, environmentally unfriendly savages that present an enduring threat to the betterment of America? Don’t get it fucked up, rednecks ain’t nothing but pasty-ass niggas! And if all deleterious doofuses are niggas, don’t you agree that we should ship niggas back to Africa? According to history and science, all humans derived from the Mother Continent. So, niggas of all races should be right at home in a place where the struggle is always real! Peace.

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