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Everybody’s Stupid, CXIV

You may not want to hear this, but your way ain’t always the best way. That’s something I’m still coming to grips with as I swiftly approach age 37. I have a tendency to stick to what works, even when my methods aren’t the most optimal or efficient. Admittedly, my comfort zone is very confined. And though I believe it’s smart and safe for people to operate within or in close proximity of their comfort zones, it’s also very restrictive to do so. The fact is, the world is literally a war zone. And both literally and figuratively speaking, leaving your post or abandoning your haven could spell disaster! Ultimately, comfort zones exist for a reason. In the military, infantrymen are the front line soldiers that take charge of the battlefield and bear the brunt of up-close combat. Naturally, those foot soldiers are better equipped for close quarters battling than other military personnel who aren’t trained for such activity. For example, during active conflict, it behooves a culinary specialist to remain on base and out of harm’s way so as to not be caught in a dangerous or compromising position. By the same token, in life, it’s perceptive and prudent to recognize and respect your limits. Has anyone ever told you to leave your comfort zone, and you did it, and shit immediately went left? How often do you think heeding advice has adverse effects? How many people have gotten lost or dug themselves deeper into a hole after following a fool’s defective direction? How many lieutenant colonels—the “fearless leaders”—have heedlessly and needlessly marched their own battalion right into a slaughter? What I’m asking is, how important is it for you to be comfortable? Depending on who you talk to, comfort could mean contentment or complacency. Contentment is happiness and satisfaction that aids your overall healthiness whereas complacency is irresponsible self-satisfaction that hinders you from seeing the benefit of further progression. Taking that into consideration, I believe that expanding your comfort zone is a lot more prudent than altogether deserting it. If familiarity and regularity are what brings you comfort, you can expand your comfort zone by slowly acquainting yourself with unfamiliar things, places, people, and activities. Personally, I don’t want to stay the same—I want to enduringly evolve. And with that everlasting evolution, I never want to be stuck or stagnant. But right now, I feel like I haven’t made much progression in the expansion of my comfort zone and I am undoubtedly stagnated. Practicing what you preach is seldom easier done than said. I truly believe that people often know exactly what they need to do, but what we want to do is usually more satisfying than what we need to do, right? Technically, nobody needs to expand their comfort zone if they’re able to function beneficially. Yet, for me, I want to conquer shit! And the only way to conquer is to expand. I’m the type of person who always needs a plan. Even if I’m going into a situation completely oblivious to the circumstances, my first order of business every time is to lay out all subsequent actions in advance to taking said actions. Regardless of the importance of a given action, I must consider all the what-ifs that I can call to mind before I do anything. And when I don’t smartly strategize, like I mentioned a couple posts back, I end up fucking up. If a strategy isn’t needed anywhere else, it’s imperative in a war zone. To repeat, I believe that the whole world is a war zone. The world is a place ripe with struggle and strife, which are elements of conflict, and war is prolonged conflict. When you can’t decide which decision best fits the circumstances, you’re conflicted. Not to mention all the unavoidable opposition we’re presented with every step of the way. At the end of the day, we’re all fighting to win every single day. And if your comfort zone is bigger, you’ll have more room to maneuver around all things undesired.

Sometimes, I just start typing and I impress my-goddamn-self! This shit really is too easy for me at this point. Any who, in other news, Katt Williams’ goofy ass is still trending. First of all, there ain’t even enough real motherfuckers out there to hype some real shit like that Katt Williams interview was hyped! Whenever something gets that much attention, it’s almost guaranteed to be some bullshit. People don’t want to hear the truth, they want to be entertained. The truth still hurts, doesn’t it? Well, if y’all really love the truth, you must be masochists! How often is real shit even entertaining? I’m not saying that reality can’t be amusing and fascinating, I’m saying that most people are too stupid to be super interested in veracity and authenticity. And that’s the truth, which is why you don’t want to hear that shit! If you think you’re smart, you could suggest that Katt Williams was speaking “truth to power” when he conversed with Shannon Sharpe. Then, you could imply that Katt’s realness is too advanced for me to understand, because that sounds like some shit a stupid motherfucker would say. But that fun-size fruitcake got on the international internet and averred that the Illuminati made Ludacris cut his hair and sideburns because they didn’t want two niggas with long hair and sideburns in the entertainment industry at the same time. Again, get the fuck out of here! The only reason I’m bringing this shit up again is because I was scrolling on YouTube and saw that Dr. Umar is proposing a “Comedy and Consciousness” tour with him and Katt Williams. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing that. I wouldn’t pay for it because I don’t support racists, but I’d for sure hit up one of those 123Movies websites to stream the bootleg for free. Katt and Umar are two entertaining-ass niggas, would you agree? How seriously do you take people who are exceptionally entertaining? How many prominent leaders have been entertainers? Ronald Reagan was an actor, but he sucked as a president. Donald Trump is funny as fuck, but he’s a fucking idiot. There’s a difference between having a great personality and being a performer. And when I say performer, I don’t mean someone who purely performs at a high level. By performer, I mean someone who prioritizes acting and entertaining an audience every time they make a public showing. You can’t trust anything that an actor says because they lie for a living! Katt Williams wears a perm and gossips profusely in real life—like a female—but he doesn’t respect heterosexual men who act in drag!? Additionally, I assume that Katt is an advocate of prostitution and the degradation of women, seeing as he’s been a proud proponent of pimping and its culture from the genesis of his career. During his interview on Club Shay Shay, Katt mentioned that he was taken in by a few women of the night as a young runaway. Shoutout to those nurturing nookie dealers, but sex trafficking and general human exploitation aren’t joking matters by any stretch of the imagination. There’s a reason why noble leaders aren’t entertaining—it’s because serious problems require serious-minded problem solvers! Dr. Umar seems very serious-minded, but his agenda prioritizes the perpetuation of everything that keeps black people marginalized in America. Nobody should be judging anybody by the color of their skin, for any reason, period. And where Dr. Umar is traumatized by the recollection of everything he’s learned about the mistreatment of blacks in America, Katt Williams is traumatized by the comprehension of his repeated failures in the company of his more successful peers. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate either of these gentlemen. But I must call them how I see them! And I welcome everyone to talk all the shit you want about me, just make sure you say my name and pronounce it correctly. It’s pronounced, “Bo A-mou-roo”.

If you’re a hater, and you don’t believe that I’m as popular as I proclaim, you’re just ignorant. On the internet, people check for you wherever they know you from. For instance, an Instagram model can have multiple millions of followers on Instagram and only a few thousand followers on the platform formerly known as Twitter. I don’t really fuck with social media, so people who’re interested in my opinions only check for me on my blog. That’s by design, I wanted it that way. I’ve been “permanently banned” on Twitter like four times, and I had to spam the appeals team to be reinstated every time. Who got time for that shit? On my own website, I can say whatever the fuck I want! And if you’re a creator, and you’re smart, you should get your own shit, too. Speaking of social media, how do y’all deal with that bullshit? I just be scrolling on X and YouTube, and the fact that everybody believes they’re somebody these days makes me cringe. Social media always reminds me of that line from The Incredibles, “And when everyone’s super… no one will be!”. Still, there are gems to be discovered amidst the dense pollution of unoriginality online. There’s a woman named Olivia Alexa who doesn’t need promotion from little ole me, but if you enjoy hearing things that make a whole lot of sense, check her out. That lady is smart as fuck! And since Olivia Alexa has been the only person to impress me for as long as I can remember, I don’t have any other recommendations at this time. What’s more powerful than words? “The pen is mightier than the sword” is an expression that describes how words are effectively more destructive than physical violence. You can say some shit to somebody today and they could carry that shit with them for the rest of their lives—like a scar that interminably torments them mentally! I think about that all the time now that I’ve recognized how my opinions have affected people. When you express as forcefully as I do, even through writing, your words can leave a persisting impression. And throughout my life, I’ve bitten my tongue rigorously, specifically because I know how well I can read people and write them off. There have been hundreds of instances when I wanted to disparage and deflate a dummy just for thinking they were more important than they were, but I didn’t do it. Instead of cussing and fussing, when I don’t fuck with somebody, I just stay the fuck away from them! In a stupid motherfucker’s mind, they automatically think that being avoided makes them threatening and terrifying. But in reality, smart people give stupid people a wide berth to circumvent situations that could lead to unfortunate events. I would love to tell you that fighting with words is safer and healthier than physical violence, but that’s simply not the case. The truth of the matter is, again, what you say is liable to last longer than what you do. Of course, actions still speak louder than words, but never forget that speaking itself is also an action. Plus, what would an action mean without an explanation? Explanations provide both clarification of and justification for everything we do and say. Many times, conflicts can be settled with discussions. And trauma can many a time be resolved with apologies. So, contributing to the trend I recently saw on social media, I want to apologize to anyone that I’ve ever offended. But be warned that I’m done biting my tongue. If you don’t want to be told the truth about yourself and the real about how I feel about you, shut the fuck up! Peace.

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