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Everybody’s Stupid, CXIII

Katt Williams, if you’re reading this, shut the fuck up! Is it me, or does Katt Williams sound like a fake-ass me a little bit? Again, I don’t mean to come across as narcissistic, but it seems like a lot of people echo my essence when they’re attempting to portray intelligence these days. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m famous amongst famous people. And I’ve been trying to be careful about what I say lately because I’ve noticed how impactful my words are. I didn’t make it through the entire Club Shay Shay interview with Katt Williams because there’s only so much bullshit I can stomach! Personally, none of the shit Katt Williams was talking about in that interview interests me. To me, Katt sounds like an embittered, hateful, ignorant, intolerant asshole who’s making excuses for his perpetual abortive attempts at longevity in comedy. Who’s checking for Katt Williams’ comedy these days?! Controversy intrigues because dissension and divisiveness are common and compelling. Think about it! Since humans existed, there’s never been a time on Earth when a war wasn’t happening. Our favorite video games are centered around competition and conflict. Your favorite reality shows focus on fights and family feuds. Sports ain’t nothing but one side trying to conquer the other. Nearly every form of entertainment draws its audience with controversy! Who’s better, who’s stronger, who’s faster, who’s the most skilled, who’s worse, who’s weaker, who’s slower, and who sucks the most are premises of all controversy-based content. Regardless of why you’re consuming content, you’re curious about who you’re going to love or hate at the end, right? We all know that deception is deep-rooted in every industry that involves power, sex, drugs, money, and fame. So, Katt Williams didn’t tell people anything that they didn’t already know, he just wanted to make it known that he’s been involved in or concerned with the careers of all his more successful peers! I remember little niggas in middle school talking about how Steve Harvey’s hair was fake, and that was way back in the late-90s. Who gives a fuck if he wore “man unit”?! And what does that have to do with Katt failing or refusing to crossover into the mainstream? Who cares who Katt Williams thinks is worthy of greatness when consumers—the people who actually invest their time and money into entertainers’ careers—disagree? In my opinion, on a scale of one to ten, Katt Williams is about a five and a half when it comes to being funny. According to sources, Katt Williams’ net worth is approximately $2 million dollars in 2024. If you don’t know, net worth is the estimation of the value of a person’s combined assets, and it doesn’t reflect the amount of money in said person’s possession. Just for reference, Steve Harvey’s net worth is about $200 million, Kevin Hart’s is around $450 million, Dave Chappelle’s sits at around $70 million, and Chris Rock is worth somewhere near $60 million. What I’m saying is, only broke people and niggas do what Katt Williams is doing! Instead of working on his craft and creating content that proves he’s more talented than everyone he envies, Katt decided to do what females do and spill the tea in hopes that the attention he gathers generates interest in his inferior works. Some people are their own worst enemy. And thinking back to all the luckless happenings and goings-on that Katt has been involved in, if he’s never abused drugs then he’s doubtlessly experienced many moments of psychosis. Katt boasted that he ran away from home at the age of 13 after having a dispute with his father. Today, at 52 years old, Katt Williams stands at about five feet, five inches. Where are the stories about little Micah Williams being taken advantage of on the mean streets of the cruel world that he speaks of in his comedy? You want me to believe that Katt has been on his own since the age of 13 and nothing unfortunate and sad ever happened to him?! Nah.

The best liars sprinkle just enough truth in their fibs to fool a dupe. And stating that you’d never lie is the easiest lie to tell. I’m not saying that Katt Williams is a liar, but I don’t really believe him! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Steve Harvey stole Mark Curry’s jokes and TV persona because they worked! Steve Harvey has never, ever been even a little bit funny to me. And as someone who has had my quotes and thoughts poached by second-rate imposters with lesser minds, I can empathize with Mark’s outrage at being copied without receiving credit. Other than what I’ve already mentioned, I don’t know what else Katt discussed in his interview with Shannon Sharpe. But I do know that one of the few things I respect about Katt Williams is his propensity for propping up underdogs. He goes out of his way to extend his hand to those who he believes have been shunned or overlooked, and that action aligns with his stance against the hierarchical clustering of entertainers in the industry. But technically, cliques exist in every aspect of socializing. A-listers tend to mingle with peers on their level and lower tier entertainers are shut out because they’re usually jealous and drama-prone, hence Katt’s remarks during his interview. Successful people ain’t got time for bullshit because they’re too busy moving and shaking and living their best lives! Who the fuck wants to be around a capricious, confrontational, curmudgeonly clown who finds fault with everything that he can’t relate to?! I’m tired of niggas who proclaim to have black people’s best interests at heart just for them to tear down the black people that they disagree with. Yet, it’s hard for me to hate people for expressing their opinions because communication in general comprises of about 85% thoughts and theories that aren’t based on or are only loosely based on facts. In other words, personalized points of view that preclude certitude are people’s primary perspectives. And if you still don’t get it, I’m saying that people are full of shit and they submit silliness because they lack comprehensive comprehension of the subject matter and they can’t offer a productive position or they simply don’t give a fuck and they propose pointless piffle only to be a part of the conversation. As far as I know, all of the black comedians that Katt mentioned employ black staff members, which provides security and puts food on the tables of black families. Ultimately, Katt is punching up and missing with every swing. Since Katt’s interview, The Steve Harvey Show has been on the top row of recommendations on Hulu and Tubi every time I open the apps. Where’s Katt’s TV show?! I know why that mean-ass, miniature motherfucker is mad, he hasn’t had what the other greats have had! Also, I’d be remiss if I neglected to mention that YouTube counts every new continuous 30-second viewing of a video as a view. So, having tens of millions of views on YouTube doesn’t mean that tens of millions of people watched an entire video. If you watch a portion of a YouTube video and return to watch the rest later, a view is counted every time you come back and watch for at least 30 seconds. And if that doesn’t matter to you, why the fuck does any of the bullshit that Katt Williams said matter? What’s important about what he said? Since when does conflict-creating drama solve conflicts? I know I’m late on this conversation, but again, this shit doesn’t mean anything to me and it doesn’t truly interest me. And now I’m tired of typing about this bullshit, so on to the next subject.

At any point that I choose, I could be famous as fuck. And if you want to know what that feels like, it feels like a lie. I guess I don’t want to believe that I’m as impressive and impactful as I know I am. Also, I understand that fame eats motherfuckers alive! I can tell y’all right now that plenty of people are going to hate me with a fucking passion, and many already do. None of these “real niggas” are really real, none of these “intellectuals” are actually intelligent, I don’t give a fuck in real life, and I don’t care to be friendly with everybody! I’ve been trying to stay grounded because I don’t want to start feeling myself too much, but there’s nobody that I know of who’s currently in the public eye that makes me feel like my voice would be redundant. Although, I’ve never liked being the center of attention, but I think that would work to my advantage because I don’t have any gimmicks. But enough about me on my blog, I want to talk about other motherfuckers right now. I was listening to 21 Savage’s new album, and I don’t appreciate the fact that he’s still attempting to conserve his “savage” persona. 21’s lyrics continue to suggest that he’s ready to risk everything to defend his honor and that he has expendable allies that he’s willing to sacrifice for the sake of maintaining his reputation as someone who should be feared in the streets, and that’s sad to me. What’s the point of having everything if nothing matters to you?! How the fuck is your reputation more important to you than the replication of your successes?! As I’ve mentioned more than enough times, rappers have proven to be some of the most mortal men on the planet because they lose their lives so frequently. Just a couple days ago, Yo Gotti’s older brother, Big Jook, was gunned down after attending their uncle’s funeral, and it’s rumored that their mom was nearly caught in the crossfire. Rest in peace to Big Jook, Yo Gotti’s uncle, and Young Dolph—who Jook allegedly put a $40k bounty on. I don’t have a dog in the fight, so why the fuck would I take sides in strangers’ beefs? Ask yourself that question as well. Whether a killing was justifiable or done just because, I’d rather promote happiness over hatred. If niggas are so tired of losing their loved ones, what sense does it make to insist on eternalizing their involvement in the lifestyle that’s responsible for all their turmoil, heartbreak, and wrath? This conversation is as old as senseless violence itself, but as long as senseless violence persists so shall my rejection of it. I don’t respect niggas who don’t respect life! Speaking of such, rest in peace to Boom P, who was the creator and star of the most riveting web series on YouTube, Respect Life. I don’t know what happened to Boom P, but he was a positive dude who was held in high regard by everyone who recognized his capacity for evoking change. Niggas aren’t selfish enough! Niggas will rob, steal, rape, terrorize, and kill, but they will never put themselves first! When you put yourself first, you don’t intentionally do anything that could stop you from living or progressing. Katt Williams has some of the same jealousy for his fellow comedians that Jook allegedly had for Dolph. And because Katt Williams is so fucking covetous—because he wants a level of reverence that he’ll likely never have—he’s made it so his more successful peers are disinclined to show him love. How the fuck did Katt Williams go on the world wide web and hate on every comedian that’s more successful than he’ll ever be, and nobody called him what he is—a fucking hater?! Get the fuck out of here! Stop hating. Peace.

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