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Everybody’s Stupid, CLXIII

It’s a well-established fact that folks be lyin’ when they say they don’t like being lied to. If we all know that the “truth hurts,” the best of us are going to lie in big-hearted displays of kindness—just to spare people’s feelings. For instance, in romantic relationships, naturally, “I lie to you because I care about your feelings” is recognized as a go-to excuse for partners who like to be incognito with their infidelity. If you know that your significant other will feel betrayed and disrespected by your cheating, concealing the truth makes sense, right? In other relationships, such as platonic and familial, some dishonesty is meant to dissimulate one’s true thoughts or beliefs so as to remain on good terms with everyone involved. Honestly, all my life, all I’ve been doing is sparing motherfuckers’ feelings. My relatives are so negative, disloyal, and reprehensible that even their rare compliments have felt counterfeit and condescending. To boot, they are super sensitive and susceptible to the truth, so I’ve remained silent to save them from sadness. Yes, I know that families are strongest together, but they don’t seem to have the capacity to comprehend that. People can be poisonous, and I hope my honesty isn’t being misjudged as toxicity. Yet, I must admit that acknowledging toxic people can create an unfriendly environment. Nonetheless, I believe that sagacious people usually understand where I’m coming from. If we’re keeping it real, positivity is often passionless and lackluster, isn’t it? If you want to inspire and inspirit people, nothing does it better than passion. For example, in my opinion, Taylor Swift could never be Susan B. Anthony because Taylor doesn’t have enough suffering or sympathy to impassion her. Passion derives from powerful emotions, and if you don’t have anything to fight or stand for, you’re likely going to be undemonstrative. But let’s get a little technical and nerdy for a bit. The word dispassionate, as in the lack of passion, describes an unemotional state of mind that’s purported to promote rationality and impartiality. So, those who are dispassionate aren’t influenced by their emotions, which, by definition, allows them to make sound judgements and decisions. With that being said, do you believe that lacking passion—or being dispassionate—is always a good thing? Personally, that’s a big fuck no for me! We all know that all of our rights are fought for, and none of those freedom fighters or servicemen and servicewomen are dispassionate—they’re compassionate! And compassion is having sympathy for the suffering of others, and acting to aid them. I’m not trying to play the semantics game here, I just want y’all to appreciate the power of understanding. When you understand things, it justifies your passion. For your information, I’m so passionate about getting motherfuckers to recognize how stupid they are because I understand how detrimental said stupidity is. If stupid motherfuckers commonly lack understanding, and my passion is aimed at getting stupid motherfuckers to understand shit, aren’t I doing mankind a service? What’s the nicest way to tell motherfuckers that they’re stupid? How simple does shit need to be for stupid motherfuckers? Better yet, if motherfuckers are stupid, wouldn’t too much information make it difficult for them to apprehend a message? In that case, I guess I would be stupid for being so informational to stupid motherfuckers. On the other hand, maybe, just maybe, I’ve been lessening motherfuckers’ stupidity with my lessons. If the previous seven sentences annoyed you, it’s probably because you’re a stupid motherfucker. Diverging slightly, when was the last time you lied unnecessarily? From my perspective, people lie to themselves the most. And when you can’t be honest with yourself, you don’t want to hear anything but lies from everyone else—especially as it pertains to you! I would assume that liars are emboldened by fellow liars because correlation is innately encouraging. Additionally, sometimes lies are motivational, right? Amidst discouragement, a good lie can turn a bum into a believer. Because whoever told Donald Trump that he’s smart initiated the chain of events that will ultimately destroy democracy as we know it in America! But I digress.

So, there’s some stuff going on in hip hop news. KRS-One recently stated that Latin people contributed to the birth of hip hop, and many hip hop aficionados and hood historians have had harsh words for the “Teacha,” namely Lord Jamar. Lord Jamar is an old, washed-up rapper from the hip hop group “Brand Nubian”. Brand Nubian has a few classic rap records, that include “Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down” and “Don’t Let It Go to Your Head”. I believe that Jamar is one of those niggas who spends more time trying to convince himself that he believes what he says than he does attempting to convince the audience. Lord Jamar has a podcast with rapper Rah Digga and comedian Godfrey. To be honest, if there aren’t any women involved in online content, chances are I’m not going to watch it. And the only reason I’ve watched an episode or so of Jamar’s podcast is because I’ve liked Rah Digga since “Thirteen Ghosts,” which is a poor quality but palatable film. And as a femcee, even with only two albums, Digga is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. “Dirty Harriet” is a classic! I tried to listen to some of Lord Jamar’s rant against KRS’ claims, but after about five minutes, I realized that his argument was mostly conjectural. And if any rapper is going to do their research, it’s almost guaranteed to be KRS-One! Personally, I don’t give a fuck if aliens created hip hop, I only care about the culture and the music continuing. In other news, rapper Ma$e recently alleged that deceased rapper Big L set him up to get robbed. Big L was shot and killed in New York back in 1999, leaving behind a promising future as a prominent emcee. It’s rumored that Big L was murdered due to a case of mistaken identity, where the shooters mistook L for his older brother. Growing up, Big L was one of my favorite rappers, and I can still recite at least 92% of his debut album, “Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous,” from memory. I would describe Big L’s flow as rhythmic and simplistic with slight intricacies, but he rhymed words like no other. To this day, I haven’t come across a rapper that literally rhymes as well as Big L. Anyway, in the story, Ma$e said that he had several altercations with Big L that never escalated, but L was constantly trying to get other people involved in their beef. Ultimately, Ma$e and a friend ended up being confronted and held at gunpoint while walking in Harlem, but the cops happened to come around the corner and catch the robber in the act. Ma$e stated that he learned a week following the foiled robbery that Big L set it up. Both Ma$e and Big L are from Harlem, NY, and they grew up together. Of course, I believe this story because, historically, the people closest to you are the most envious of your success. For example, Jay-Z’s music is littered with lyrics that play up his disdain for the desirous and damnable dudes that he once called friends. However, the reticent rapper, Jay-Z, has a reputation of rapacity and treacherousness that damages his image. Some theorists have gone so far as to allege that Jay-Z was involved in Aaliyah’s demise because Jay-Z was jealous of Aaliyah and Dame Dash’s relationship. Those same theorists allege that Jay-Z started dating Beyoncé because he wanted an R&B superstar like his former friend and business partner, Dame Dash. Granted, those are only allegations, but like I said before, I’ve always perceived Jay-Z and Diddy as untrustworthy. Believe it or not, I don’t even remember the last time I was jealous of someone, but I know it had nothing to do with money or women. Niggas brag about fucking hoes like hoes don’t fuck any and everybody. Then, they boast about money as if that’s not the only reason hoes are interested in them. Motherfucker, who are you as a person?! Please, for your sake, just stop lying to yourselves. Peace.

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