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Everybody’s Stupid, CLXIV

If you haven’t noticed, motherfuckers will literally die trying to get people to give a fuck about their opinions. For instance, and I’m not projecting, but how many of you believe that I mean the opposite of what I write in my posts? Now, how many of you can prove that my writing is dishonest or disingenuous? Exactly, and that’s why people should just shut the fuck up! Regardless of how intense your feelings are, or how adamantly you trust your personal perspective, if you can’t prove anything, how the fuck are you so sure? One time, I was conversing with one of my young relatives, and she refused to accept that her perspective was inaccurate due to ignorance. So, when she asserted that my explanation “didn’t make sense,” I told her that it “makes sense, but (she) doesn’t understand it.” After that, whenever somebody told her that she didn’t know what she was talking about, she suggested that they didn’t understand what she’s saying. An argument is a dispute between two or more parties with opposing views. And people generally argue when one or more people simply don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. Ultimately, we’re all wrong and ignorant to certain facts sometimes, and said incorrectness and ignorance are universal points of contention. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t speak if they don’t know everything, because that would be stupid of me. However, I am putting forward that people shouldn’t argue about things that they can’t prove, or things that can be proven to the contrary of their argument. The problem is, if a motherfucker is ignorant, they don’t know how much information they’re missing. The ability to accept that you don’t know everything is what separates the intellectuals from the imbeciles, and the truth-tellers from the tellers of lies. No, I don’t know everything. But yes, I’m smarter than you motherfuckers! Diverging slightly, what’s your biggest weakness or character flaw? Personally, I believe that I don’t care enough about some things that could be beneficial to my prosperity. To be clear, it’s difficult for me to give a fuck about things that I naturally don’t care about. And because I’m incurious about and unconcerned with most people’s opinions, I’m disinterested in acting to impress most people. In other words, I will never prioritize anything that I deem inessential, but I recognize that I would benefit from complimentary things. Speaking of weaknesses, character flaws, and unnecessariness—on this Independence Day in an election year—how free do you feel, how free do you think you are, how free do you want to be, and how important is freedom to you? Those are serious age-old questions that cross serious-minded people’s minds regularly. With that in mind, how seriously do you take yourself, and how seriously do you think people take you? I’m highly intelligent and a great writer, and I know it. And admittedly, I’ve had a problem with motherfuckers quoting me without crediting me. First, most people don’t take entertainers seriously, so if a goofy-ass motherfucker repeats some smart shit that they learned from me, it takes the effectiveness and meaningfulness out of my message. Second, a lot of these dimwits are just pretending to be smart or operating on a false sense of consciousness, they’re hypocritical and don’t practice what they preach, and I don’t like these motherfuckers. So, if I catch you riding my dick a little too hard in secrecy, I’m going to knock you the fuck off it, period! Fucking dummies. I hope my great sense of humor shines through in my writing, because again, I’m not a miserable person. Yet, chances are, if you’re a recurrent reader here at, you take me seriously—and for good reason. Because I swear to your God that I ain’t playing with these stupid motherfuckers! But I digress.

So, I didn’t watch the BET Awards, but I saw that Ray J was denied access to the ceremony, after which he had a meltdown outside the venue before taking to social media to express his suicidal thoughts and struggles with maintaining a healthy perception of reality. I really like Ray J, he’s one of my favorite celebrity personalities, and I’m a career-long fan of Brandy, but I don’t think Ray takes himself seriously enough. Alongside America’s mental health crisis is an obtrusive lack of maturity amongst adults. To reiterate, I’ve been noticeably more mature than most of my adult relatives all my life. And rationality, apprehension, and plain ole know-how are attributes of maturity. Nevertheless, Ray J’s circumstances aren’t typical to the average adults’. Ray is famous, his more-famous sister is saintly, everything he does is criticized by the masses, everyone compares him to his sister, and he likely doesn’t believe that he’s living up to everyone’s expectations. I wish I could share my noteworthy take on mental health right now, but because motherfuckers like to steal from the little guy, I’ll save it for my book. However, there are some easy things that everyone can do to stay grounded, regardless of their situation. One, stop giving a fuck about people’s opinions! The majority of people ain’t shit, all they do is feign and complain, and they aren’t worth the outward-looking contemplation. Two, give credence to your imperfection! If you understand that nobody is perfect, you won’t view anyone as preferable to or better than you, and that will help you appreciate yourself and prevent you from hating yourself. Three, don’t be afraid of change! Anyone who wants to stay the same doesn’t desire to grow, and a lack of growth isn’t conducive to maturity. Those are three simple things that could potentially keep anyone from losing their mind. There’s great value in growing the fuck up. While I was writing this, I was thinking about all the mistakes I’ve made throughout my life, leading up to present day, and there’s been a lot. Genuinely, I’m not the type of person who would run from the truth. If the truth is analogous to reality, and reality makes making mistakes inevitable, why should anyone be ashamed of the truth? In my opinion, it’s not the truth that people are ashamed of, it’s the repercussions of making mistakes. On Earth, miscarriages of judgement and disadvantageous decisions are not only punishable by law, but grounds for condemnation. Everybody’s a hypocrite, everybody’s judgmental, and everybody’s too stupid to see how their hypocrisy and judgement are driving the world insane! Yes, I know how antagonistic I’ve been on this blog, but I’m just as imperfect as everyone else. How long should we let excuses slide, in all aspects of life? And how hard is it to leave people the fuck alone?! I’ve learned a lot about myself and life over the past few years. One of the most significant things I’ve learned is that life gets easier as fewer people are involved. Once again, if everybody had the answers, we wouldn’t have so many problems. If you have good sense, which can be gauged by your capability to refrain from repetitive misunderstandings, I believe that you’ll be okay without the input of other motherfuckers. However, there is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with needing help. Please, if you need help, get it. Do you think Diddy would have less victims if mental health took precedence over the impression of mental fortitude in black culture? Everybody isn’t a strong person, right? In the same way, everybody ain’t “real.” In truth, confessing that you’re not as strong as you’d like to be is the realest thing a person can do. If it were true, I’d be the first to tell you that I’m a weak-ass person, but I’m not. I won’t apologize for being me, but I promise I’ll never stop growing. Peace.

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