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Everybody’s Stupid, CLXII

If negative things generally bother people the most, and boredom is bound to evoke unpleasant memories, do you think boredom contributes to the decline of people’s mental health? Personally, as I’ve mentioned several times, I think boredom is bothersome. If boredom can make people crazy, we can all agree that bored people do some of the craziest shit, right? Assuming, I believe that one of my biggest messages that people take out of context is my furtherance of cherishing the comfort of home. What’s wrong with being comfortable? Honestly, I believe that a lot of people are afraid and ashamed to be themselves, which is why they’re so uncomfortable in general. What’s the difference between being tired and being lazy? If someone works hard all week, with minimal benefits, do they have the right to be lazy on off days? If someone doesn’t work, and they’re steadily dispirited by their failure to meet society’s expectations, should they be allowed to sulk in peace? Other than boredom, I believe that the notion of normalcy, and people’s desire to be accepted, can cause prolonged breaks in people’s mental stability. I try not to judge, but we all discriminate to suffice our individual interests. For example, refusing to associate yourself with people who’ve displayed psychotic or bizarre behavior is a form of discrimination. In that instance, discrimination is simply drawing distinctions between sanity and insanity, and choosing a preference. There’s nothing weird about having preferences, correct? So, if some people prefer being lazy over being tired, who are you to judge? I want y’all to really think about this. Technically, you can be tired of anything. Again, lazy people could be tired of being overworked or tired of trying to be normal. Everything is open to more than one interpretation because perspectives are assured to vary. How often do you realize that you’ve taken something out of context? Better yet, how important is it for your perspective to be the only accurate one? On Earth, one human can assert that water is a liquid, and another motherfucker is guaranteed to argue that water’s true state is undetermined because it converts into a vapor when heated and a solid when frozen. Ultimately, both of those people could be right, but trivial and petty shit like that keeps everyone confused and divided. Who do you think established the idea that people who refuse to work hard are lazy? Doesn’t that sound like some shit an oppressor would say? Shouldn’t motherfuckers be too busy working to criticize those who aren’t? Aren’t you tired of people telling you who, where, what, when, and how you should be?! People don’t think enough. And stupid people talk too much! What I’m trying to say is, judgmental people are often just bored. Remember, we live in a world where motherfuckers sit down and voice their opinions for a living, and they think that’s a skill! “Hey, let’s record ourselves doing something that literally everyone does, and judge everyone who isn’t ‘smart’ enough to get paid for it!” Podcasters, y’all are lazy as fuck—that’s not real work! Podcasters get out of bed to go sit on a couch or a chair and gossip. I bet podcasters are some of the most bored motherfuckers in society. Shit, even a lot of popular podcasts are boring. What do you think people would do if nobody listened to them? Once more, the majority of people need to be accepted, and requiring recognition is a component of necessitating acceptance. For clarification, I completely comprehend and condone people chasing confirmation, and even certification, to codify coexistence. Okay, I may have tried a little too hard to alliterate there. But my point is, everybody wants to be heard, and that’s justifiable. But why do people begin bitching when motherfuckers start responding? If you want to be heard, so do the people who hear you! So, when you say or do something that people disapprove of or disagree with, be prepared to hear about it.

Nah, it’s hot as a motherfucker! This Georgia heat is extremely disrespectful. When I was a kid, summer was my favorite season. I was out of school, I got to play outside all I wanted, and there were bitches in daisy dukes and sundresses everywhere. Today, all this heat does is aggravate me and awaken my aggression. When was the last time you just wanted to slap the shit out a motherfucker? Again, I don’t condone violence, but I can admit that humans be humaning! With that in mind, rest in peace to that little rapper dude who recently succumbed to gunshot wounds. According to scientists, excessive heat increases our heart rate, which triggers the release of adrenaline and cortisol, subsequently activating our fight or flight response, and that makes us more aggressive when it’s hot. So, if you’re fortunate enough to have a high level of self-control, try to spread more love and positivity this summer—we need it! Moving on to something positive… I can’t think of anything positive. I just checked the trends on X, and ain’t nothin’ goin’ on but war and politics. In my younger years, I had big crushes on Jennifer Lopez and Christina Milian. When I got older, I realized that those are two of the least talented actresses and artists in Hollywood. J. Lo has been in the tabloids a lot lately because she’s having a very human experience. Being famous seems like it fucking sucks! And there’s no one more entitled than the media. The media acts like they’re doing everyone a favor by making it their business to ruin people’s lives. And it doesn’t help that social media has turned everyone with a camera phone into a reporter. The last news story that shocked me was DMX’s death. Well, I wasn’t really shocked, because “The Dark Man” had his demons, but I was very sad. I cried, on and off, for about three days after X’s passing. I believe that DMX and Eminem are two of the bravest rappers in hip hop history, because there’s seemingly nothing about their stories that they haven’t divulged. When people go on the internet and pour their hearts out, I believe that many of them are sharing their experiences to let sympathizers know that there’s still real people in the world, living real lives. As long as someone isn’t incriminating themselves, I respect all levels of publicized honesty and integrity. The fact is, the act of venting, and releasing pent up emotions, is in itself therapeutic. Clinical talk therapy could never help everyone because traumatized people already have trust issues. And from my perspective, therapists are inherently domineering and narcissistic. Imagine someone who wholeheartedly believes that they can solve everyone’s problems with their human-minded opinions. Life lessons don’t come with degrees. For instance, do you think a 30-year-old childless pediatrician could care for a child better than a healthy 60-year-old grandmother? When it comes to knowledge and understanding, nothing educates like hands-on experience. And there’s a high probability of someone in the comment section of a social media post having better insight into a situation that they can relate to than a therapist who would just regurgitate shit that they read in a textbook. Like I said, if everyone had the answers, we wouldn’t have so many problems. And for many people, traditional therapy just isn’t the answer. If there’s more than one way to do everything, anything could be a solution. Sometimes, solving a problem is as simple as admitting that you’ve had the wrong answers. If people didn’t think outside the box, there wouldn’t be any variety in life. If there weren’t any variety in life, everyone would have the same ideas. And if everyone had the same ideas, who would know anything?! This is me telling y’all, chances are, you don’t have the fucking answers! Think about that. Peace.

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