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Everybody’s Stupid, CLXI

To everyone who doesn’t believe my stories, why are you here? Charlamagne, check the comment section, nobody likes you, bruh! And that sentiment is unanimous across social media. Plus, the viewers of “Brilliant Idiots” think your little cute-ass, thick-ass producer, Taylor, is “insufferable” and annoying as fuck. Taylor does sound a little slow sometimes, to be honest. I don’t know why I threw Taylor in it, but fuck it, let’s piss everybody off today! DJ Envy looks like he gets sunburned easily. Jess Hilarious doesn’t read very well. Whoever is writing Charlamagne’s broadsides for The Breakfast Club, and I assume it’s a team of people, can’t fuck with me. Andrew Shulz looks like he cuts his own hair, and he sucks at it. The nigga with the painted nails on Brilliant Idiots has an old face, and he looks he could be Ludacris’ uncle. Nyla Symone is adorable, so there’s nothing to insult her about. Nyla, waddup! But I just want everyone reading this to know that I don’t give a fuck, respectfully. To my haters, and it’s a lot of y’all, I bet y’all thought it was over when I posted that “I’ll be back.” GIF, huh? Admittedly, I got a little “lost in the sauce” if you will, but I’m back! If I was writing and posting regularly, on my own shit, before y’all knew who I was, why the fuck would I ever stop?! Charlamagne, you’re not as cool as me, you’re not as intelligent as me, you’re not as real as me, you’re not as funny as me, you’re not as likeable as me, you’re not as relatable as me, and because I know I can get to you, I’m going to keep telling you the truth. Charlamagne, whose “mother-loving ass” are you going to whoop, sir? I saw that little “Donkey of the Day” clip where you contradicted yourself—suggesting that you don’t condone violence that stems from online disputes but you empathize with the attacker. Honestly, that sounds similar to something that I recently wrote, doesn’t it, old fan of mine!? Lenard, remember, we saw you running from those thugs—back before your kojic acid skincare routine. If y’all haven’t noticed, I’ve given haters all the ammunition they need to both doubt and disparage me. For instance, I’ve posted old, goofy-ass pictures of myself on Twitter, I’ve remained mysterious, I’ve talked about occasionally feeling ugly, I’ve divulged things that would embarrass most people, I’ve made myself a villain, etc. Y’all don’t get it, do you? Anyhoo, what level of honesty do you perceive as negativity? Let’s say there’s the whole truth and the politically correct truth. If the whole truth is inherently insensitive and the politically correct truth is always diplomatic, when is telling the whole truth appropriate? Personally, like many realistic people, I believe that the cultural denunciation of the whole truth and the advancement of political correctness promotes delusion and dishonesty. For instance, what the fuck is a brilliant idiot?! That’s paradoxical as fuck! Charlamagne, just admit that you aren’t as smart as you think you are, and that the lady who judged you to be a “brilliant idiot” was being politically correct so as to not refer to you as a stupid motherfucker. Now, imagine someone trying to downplay Beau Amoureux’s intelligence. By the way, I’m Beau Amoureux. I’ve been a big thinker all my life, I started this blog in 2018, I blogged for about 3 years before that, I come on this motherfucker twice a week and ramble with more substance and practicality than bald-headed-ass Charlamagne, and all y’all recognize what the fuck I am—a genius! I’m just sayin’. Why would anyone believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? Better yet, if you believe in yourself, who else needs to believe in you? Like I said in the last post, if you’re anywhere around hateful-ass humans, a little narcissism—or pride—will get you a long way. If you disagree, just know that I don’t care.

Nah, I’m mean as hell, aint I? Well, so are many media personalities. Why can’t the “Donkey of the Day” guy be a donkey, too? Right, get the fuck out of here! Honesty for you might come across as hostility to the subjects of your statements, so keep that in mind. I just finished eating my favorite plate from Panda Express, Beijing beef and fried rice, and the fortune from my cookie said, “The strength of your character will come in handy this week.” I think the strength of my character is eternally handy, but I can admit that the fortune provided a diminutive confidence boost. What is your biggest motivator? For me, I desire to achieve betterment consistently as my life progresses. So, I’m motivated by the thought of potentially mastering myself—if that makes sense. In popular news, rapper Remy Ma’s son was recently arrested for his alleged involvement in the murder of a New York “drug kingpin.” When inconsequential shit happens in the news, I usually just read the headline and move on. So, I don’t know what’s going on with Remy’s son’s case. However, I know that Remy Ma served time in prison for shooting a woman in the abdomen after Remy accused the woman of stealing money from her. Is Remy’s son’s unfortunate situation not an example of the apple not falling far from the tree? What do you think happens when sustaining a merciless reputation is your biggest motivator? None of us want to be tried or played with, that’s a given. But when you fuck yourself to fuck over someone else, you’re prioritizing the other person. What’s more, why would you ever fuck yourself in an unpleasant manner? Do you think people who fuck themselves love themselves?! Don’t get me wrong, I hit the “fuck it” button all the time, and sometimes it doesn’t work out for me. Yet, I don’t play around with serious situations. A while ago, some dummy parked in my driveway, at night, with their high beams on, and left all the doors of their car open. So, I loaded the 30-round magazine into my Glock 19, went outside, and called the cops. It turns out that the person was visiting my neighbor, and they were rearranging cars or some shit. Still, what would make someone think it’s okay to trespass onto someone else’s property? Occasionally, we all take offense to things that aren’t meant to offend. Additionally, we all do things that offend people who we aren’t trying to offend. If you understand that, you’ll take less offense to things. But if you let niggas tell it, senseless confrontations are a mandatory part of life. In my situation, I strapped up with the sole intention of protecting myself and my property, if necessary. I wasn’t going to argue with anyone, I was only being vigilant. And I did exactly what I was supposed to do by contacting the authorities. If your health, safety, and freedom are peripheral to your reputation, you’re a fucking idiot—and not a brilliant one! Do you know how I know niggas are stupid as fuck? It’s because they fuck themselves on purpose, traditionally! Growing up in the inner-city, I’m sure we all had friends who couldn’t wait to go to jail, right? If you don’t know, in the ghetto, going to jail early for males and getting pregnant young for females are considered rites of passage. For niggas, the equivalent to a bat mitzvah is a bail hearing, and a quinceañera is parallel to a baby shower. Tell me that ain’t sad as fuck! Would you consider yourself a stand-up person? If so, what do you stand for? Please be aware that if you’re stupid, you would probably benefit the most from sitting the fuck down! And I mean that literally. Sitting down, gathering your thoughts, keeping your composure, and figuring out how to win without losing is a very stand-up procedure. Keep in mind, if you’re going to fuck yourself, make sure it’s pleasurable. Peace.

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