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Everybody’s Stupid, CLX

I believe that a little narcissism is necessary for everyone who aspires to be great. For example, Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Deon Sanders, Floyd Mayweather, and many other legends who’ve dominated their fields have been accused of exemplifying megalomania, and have also exuded supreme confidence and super courage. It’s no secret that sustaining motivation, especially amongst humans, requires thick skin and self-assurance. In my opinion, a person can’t break barriers or exceed expectations without tenacity and toughness. Has anyone ever told you that you weren’t capable of doing something that you really wanted to do? If so, what was your response? I could be wrong, but I’d conclude that discouragement isn’t something that plagues the minds of determined people. Take me for instance, I’m the type of person who would rather follow my intuition and be wrong than to take advice or let someone else influence my decisions. If you ask me, there’s nothing wrong with being wrong. I’ve learned a lot of valuable life lessons through trial and error. And even though a good coach can help players win championships, great players often turn out to be good coaches. Despite how it may seem, I don’t devalue teams, I just don’t undervalue leaders. A team ain’t going nowhere without a reliable leader, right? And if everyone always emphasizes team work, but no one encourages the free-spirited nature necessary to cultivate leadership qualities in people who are disinclined to follow, who’s going to coach? Think about it like this, should leaders follow rules or make them? When you think about it, the world is so fucked up because there aren’t enough people who dare to deviate. If established rules aim to forbid independence, and independence is something that frequently isn’t given and must be taken, but the rules prohibit the unauthorized pursuit of independence, how long should people who seek independence follow the rules? The fact of the matter is, rules are merely opinions and suggestions. And the biggest difference between leaders and followers is that leaders commonly don’t give a fuck about the rules! If you’re only going to do what you’re told, and everything you’re told is meant to keep you a follower, you’ll never be independent. Like I’ve mentioned many times, ultimately, independence on Earth is a fantasy. Everyone is simply too reliant on other people doing their jobs to be completely free from dependence. However, at a minimum, I believe that motherfuckers should think for themselves and make their own decisions. If you’re an individual, be the leader of your life! How often do you offer advice during discussions? Many times, when I’m just making conversation and elaborating on my experiences, people will point out the obvious and make blanket statements that don’t really offer any useful insight. Admittedly, I’m annoyed every time people offer me obvious advice. And again, I’m not inclined to follow suggestions. But needless to say, even intelligent people, like me, make oversights. If you’re doing shit, shit is bound to happen as a result. Fumbles and fails are just a part of playing the game. So, a few missteps or mishaps in life don’t mean that you need a life coach. Plus, the person who’d coach you likely learned everything they know from fucking up and trying again. Additionally, because the world and its economy are so dependent on Earthlings, some of your problems may not be your fault. If everybody played fair, the game would be easier and more enjoyable for all players. But unfortunately, the more practical you are, the more susceptible you are to flagrant fouls and unsporting behavior. If good guys finish last, as sad as it is, being a good guy may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Think about it and decide for yourself.

Do you think marijuana is beneficial to every consumer’s mental health? I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with weed, and I believe it’s because I’m naturally calm and composed. So, I would assume that a lot of people consume marijuana-based and hemp-derived products to reach a headspace that’s intrinsic to me. No, I’m not saying that my brain is better than yours—although we all know I believe that—I’m simply suggesting that everyone should personally determine whether or not weed is good for them. For me, weed usually makes me horny or paranoid, and it sometimes disrupts my sleep patterns. So, because I’m not currently getting any cheeks, I might take a few tokes of the smoke when it’s time to choke the chicken—just to spice things up. But in excess, I believe the psychoactive effects of weed drives a lot of people crazy. I’ve read numerous Reddit and online forum posts about people suffering from frequent panic attacks, on a regular basis, after a single bad marijuana trip. And it’s gotten to the point where seemingly everyone promotes marijuana as a life-changing supplement that’s guaranteed to relieve stress and boost moods. However, if we’ve all seen “Friday”, and many of us have experienced multiple bad trips, and anxiety is already a side effect of stress, and people smoke weed in an attempt to relieve stress, why don’t people talk about how weed can intensify stress and anxiety? And this is yet another example of why independent thinking is all-important in a world brimful of sycophants and servants. Like I always say, if you follow trends or traditions, you’re serving other people’s desires and expectations. And for a lot of people, they consume recreational drugs for social relations. Sure, you could maintain that marijuana is medicinal, but most motherfuckers smoke solely to get high. I think this is important because the world is experiencing a dangerous mental health crisis. And if everybody had the answers, we wouldn’t have so many problems. Unfortunately, as hard as it may be to accept, if marijuana is just an ephemeral escape from deep-seated unhappiness, lifestyle changes—that may preclude the use of marijuana—are likely necessary. I expound on my struggles with fitting in all the time. I genuinely feel like I’m surrounded by idiots everywhere I go. From my perspective, the vast majority of people are too unintelligent, insecure, and immature for me to relate to them or rejoice in their company. And though I don’t hate everyone or wish them harm, I’ve found that minimizing my interactions with people helps keep me sane. Still, that introversion isn’t conducive to my general success in life. So, even I would benefit from a few lifestyle changes. I was scrolling YouTube the other day, and I swiped past of video with the caption “having no friends is ruining my life.” The thumbnail is a young black woman who looks totally defeated. No, I didn’t watch the video, but I can imagine what that young lady is going through. I wasn’t always a loner, I had tons of acquaintances when I was younger. But it got to the point where I had outgrown all of the people that I’d normally hang out with, and I discovered that I liked being alone. Personally, peace and quiet is my happy place. I’m almost never sad or angry when I’m alone, yet being around people can give me a headache quickly and destroy my equanimity. Clearly, I could find more mature and intelligent people to surround myself with, but I’m good for now. I say this because some people act like being alone is a death sentence. At the end of the day, we’re not all the same. Being sociable, or not, is a choice. And your choices should always be your decision! Peace.

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