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Everybody’s Stupid, CLVII

Here’s another couple of true story that y’all ain’t gon’ like. So, my aunt, 53-year-old B.R., has a friend, L.F., who has a son with schizophrenia. And ever since B.R. learned about L.F.’s son’s condition, she’s been putting the “schizophrenia” label on everybody who acknowledges her evilness or refuses to let her control them. A classic manipulation tactic is to start shit with people and then blame them for the confrontation. Manipulators deceive to appear innocent, and enablement is a reward for them. If you’re not mature or intelligent enough to handle stressful situations, do you know what you’re liable to do? Without stability and calculation, you’re liable to exacerbate every situation that stresses you out, even when the situations aren’t naturally as stressful as you end up making them. If you’re inept, manipulative, and abusive, it’s possible for you to create an atmosphere where your traits and habits are transferred through pure influence. Y’all, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. Earlier today, I dug into the archives and sent a few relatives a 10-minute clip of B.R. antagonizing my young aunt, who has been labeled a schizophrenic, in which B.R. is threatening to have my young aunt hospitalized just for being a normal kid. Troublesome, but normal. B.R.’s own unchecked paranoia caused her to overreact and blow a harmless situation out of proportion. Not only that, B.R. is very insidious. People with mental health issues are often in denial because their mental state is normal for them. Guess what else B.R. did to my young aunt in the video. She called the then 12-year-old girl a bitch. I don’t want to continuously bash B.R., even though that’s what she does to everyone else, and I’m only being honest. Ultimately, B.R. established a pattern of ignorance and hostility that affected my young aunt deeply. When you combine depression with confusion and the lack of a healthy support system, those circumstances are bound to diminish your mental health. If you’re around people who are always blowing shit out of proportion, wouldn’t that drive you crazy? If a motherfucker is consistently telling you that something’s “wrong” with you just because they don’t understand you, how would that make you feel? Yes, that’s coming from the “Everybody’s Stupid” guy. Some people are their own worst enemy, and many of those people are surrounded by frenemies. All behaviors are commonly encouraged by a person’s environment, and inclinations can be learned behaviors. Again, a lot of people are just misunderstood. But that’s not the kicker, do you know who else B.R. has tried to label a schizophrenic? It’s Beau Amoureux, which is my legal name, by the way. And that lie about my mental health, among others, is allegedly what B.R. told Joe Budden while she was lying to that motherfucker in an effort to stop me from succeeding. Do you know what Joe Budden has been doing ever since? Joe’s been trying to make me seem paranoid. This motherfucker has been mocking me subliminally on his podcast, having people follow me around, surveilling my house, he’s allegedly regularly communicating with my relatives, and everyone around him is being manipulated. I want those who’re guilty to think about something. If I’ve been sitting here, all this time, alone, with nothing but my thoughts, and I haven’t gone crazy, how does that not prove that I’m a stronger person than y’all? How could I EVER be the weird one in this scenario?! If I want to just disappear and disconnect, for however long I choose, in my free life, what the fuck does that have to do with y’all?! Truthfully, I’m willing to go so far as to call this shit a conspiracy. Because honestly, nothing else makes sense. I’ve made official complaints to the FBI and GBI, and I hope they’re doing their jobs! Hurry up before I actually lose my fucking mind! So, why do y’all think Ice and Melyssa Ford missed the last pod? Better yet, why has Flip been absent in so many episodes? Clearly, something’s going on, right? Do you think that could have something to do with me telling the truth? Would lies have this type of effect on people? Fortunately, justice must be served, and the legal way.

So, 20-year-old heartthrob, Michael Rainey Jr., was recently sexually assaulted by a young woman during a live stream event. I’m late commenting on this, but talks against sexual assault will never be irrelevant. Personally, I believe the female should be arrested. What precedent is being set by allowing females to get away with sexual assault? I’m a cool motherfucker, so of course I’ve experienced discomforting moments with weird-ass bitches. Honestly, when I was young, it was whatever. I didn’t start getting uncomfortable around strange women until I was in my 20s. I’ve never really been shy, just reserved and a little mean. But if I wanted to experience a consensual smash and dash, I’d see what was up. Of course, I’ve always kept the jimmies on deck. Apparently, people don’t like when others talk about their pasts. If you’re one of those people, let me be the millionth person to tell you that nobody gives a fuck about what you don’t like! What’s wrong with y’all? Stop projecting your insecurities so much. For many people, they’re insecure about not being believed, or being disproved. So, insecure people like to put on a show to gain an audience that can corroborate their experiences. How many of y’all would try to argue that necessitating affirmation isn’t derived from insecurity? Why do y’all care about humans’ opinions so much? For instance, if I know that I’m honest, and I don’t give a fuck about motherfuckers anyway, why would I care about their perceptions of my perspectives? Better yet, what type of people get gratification from challenging others on trivial or inconsequential matters? Is being overly concerned with strangers’ private lives not an automatic violation? How much entitlement do you think nosy people have? When this shit is all said and done, I’m going to get you all to appreciate how you go about most things all wrong. Other motherfuckers’ way doesn’t work for me, and it’s evidently not optimal for you all either. Why do people think being sociable makes them sane? Conversely, what about being unsociable makes people insane? I believe that people’s intentions, and the actions that follow said intentions, determine a person’s mental state. For example, anyone who invades a person’s privacy for entertainment is a deviant and ill-intentioned. Diverging slightly, how would you feel if other people were always trying to tell your story? B.R. is the type of person who likes to speak over people about shit that doesn’t concern her, and shit that she doesn’t know anything about. That’s a common trait amongst hateful people. Like I said before, if you want to expose someone’s insecurities, just start giving yourself compliments. Anyone who doesn’t want you to feel good about yourself, and hates when people hold you in high regard, doesn’t love you! Don’t be manipulated into hating yourself by people who hate themselves. Remember, it takes a village, but blood relation isn’t a restraint. Respect demands reciprocity, regardless of the relation. Everyone should treat people accordingly, and I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with the “if it’s fuck me, it’s fuck you” mentality. Also, misery loves company, and there’s video proof. By the way, in the spirit of honesty, I don’t have a choice but to speak on my real-life situations. Beau Amoureux doesn’t like to make up shit, sorry. How do you feel about people speaking of themselves in third person? For me, I think it’s funny. Life is all about laughs and love, right? How important is it for you to laugh? More importantly, how often do you fake laugh? If I said that I’m never, ever fake, I’d be lying. Again, I hate faking, but we all know that it’s occasionally necessary. However, if I have to be fake, I’m going to make it funny for me. I love myself so much, I make myself laugh regularly. Do you have to be sociable to love yourself? Moreover, do you need someone else to tell you how much you love yourself? On a scale of one to ten, what’s your self-love rating? If it’s a ten, you’re very likely delusional as fuck. I’d say that my self-love rating is about a 7, which also happens to be my penis size. Why am I telling you all that? It’s so you’ll know how far you have to travel to get off it! Peace.

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