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Everybody’s Stupid, CLVI

“Bad boys, bad boys! Whatcha gonna do?! Whatcha gonna do, when they come for you?” I haven’t seen the new Bad Boys movie yet, but I can’t wait to check it out. However, that’s not why I’m thinking about the Bob Marley classic that highlights police corruption and criminals’ stupidity. I’m thinking about Fox’s “Cops” theme song because there’s simply always crime being committed. And that means, there’s always criminals to bust! When was the last time you committed a crime? Personally, I like to abide by the sensible laws. And one thing I would never do is violate someone’s privacy! What’s the ultimate violation to you? I’d normally give a few examples here, but I don’t want to trigger any true victims. Do you believe you’re entitled to justice? When you think about it, imagine everyone’s varying interpretations of factual information. If people can interpret the same piece of information differently, and the idea of justice is inherently subjective, how could people ever avoid being wrong? What justifies punishment? And why should any human, namely those who weren’t party to the violation, be responsible for deciding the proper severity of punishment? There’s a lot that humans are doing wrong—simple problems with obvious solutions. Please know, I’m not suggesting that nothing justifies punishment, nor am I saying that systems of judgement shouldn’t exist. I’m simply acknowledging that it’s okay to be confused. How often do you think confusion leads to problem-solving? If you’re smart, you search for answers when you’re confounded. And that is why emotional intelligence, maturity, and objective curiosity are so important. Unfortunately, most people don’t have any of those traits. Does that fact offend you? If it does, why? Are you offended because I’m audacious enough to state a fact? Or, are you offended because you know that you need growth, but you’re aware that you’re not currently mature or intelligent enough to figure it out, and you hate when people point that out? I often write from an introspective perspective hoping that it will encourage inward-looking thoughts in soul-searching people. If you want to expose someone’s insecurities, start giving yourself compliments. I regret to inform you that, if you can’t find a bunch of things about yourself that you like, you’ll never be confident. Why would I walk around only focusing on everything that I think people hate about me? How easy is it to hate yourself? We can all agree that it’s not conducive to your contentment to only like the things about yourself that you’re constantly complimented on, right? If you’re waiting for other people to tell you how worthy you are, please stop! Plainly, something’s wrong with people. Collectively, as a race, humans are idiots. I comprehend that some of you think I’m AI, or using AI, but no—I’m just intelligent. There’s something going on with my brain that actually allows me to use it, and I’m grateful for this gift. When was the last time you were legitimately angry at someone for being better than you? If you’re currently hating on someone, does seeing that person win make you feel like a loser—even when you aren’t competitors? If you’re hateful, and you can’t quite figure out why, it’s likely because you’re insecure. Like I said recently, you can be insecure about many different things. To discover your insecurities, just think about everything that makes you jealous. Whatever makes you envious is an insecurity. To overcome an insecurity, all you have to do is stop lying to yourself and accept who you are. Without specifying, realizing your reality is always the best way to boost your confidence. If we’re all different, that means we’re not the same, which means equality and freedom are in the mind of the beholder. Oh, you can absolutely roam freely throughout “outside” and still be trapped! I bet y’all don’t even know how charitable you are, huh? How many of your actions directly serve the desires or expectations of everyone but you?!

Undoubtedly, everybody would be less offended if everybody minded their business. And if everyone were less offended, who’d be angry? Again, I don’t believe anger is the boogieman that everyone makes it out to be. A lot of good things come from powerful energy, and nothing invigorates people like anger. For me, because I’m different, my anger isn’t generally the typical “I can’t control my emotions” hostile outbursts. No, see, being mad makes me sit down and figure out how to redeem my equanimity. I know that just reading my thoughts, some of you realize that, at a minimum, I’m going to try my best to think shit through. So, for people who make me mad, if they want a problem, it behooves them to appreciate that they have a popsicle’s chance in hell of outthinking me. I’m a cynic, so I naturally don’t trust motherfuckers. And damn-near every time I try to disprove my own theories, humans never fail to let me down by proving my theories right. Predictability is the devil. How predictable are you? Hey, intelligence keeps my life simple, so I’m sure that people know they can count on me to do what makes sense. It’s the being predictably stupid that gets people caught up. Diverging slightly, Chicago continues to be a mess—with double-digit gunshot wound victims suffering every week. Have you ever thought about how many civilians play the role of peacekeeper every day? What do police do that regular “good” people don’t do? Shit, what don’t police do that ordinary “bad” people don’t do? The idea that you can give a human the power to penalize people that they deem punishable and expect for that power to persist purely is preposterous! We all operate on ideas—conclusions drawn from thoughts about information. Subsequently, the more stupid-ass ideas that are out there, the more stupid-ass people there are. Get rid of your bad ideas, they’re not good for you! What was the last bad idea you had? Honestly, not all my ideas are the best, but I learn from everything that I experience. Sometimes, you need a few bad ideas to better your successive ideas. For instance, forgetting how stupid you are and suffering the consequences is liable to inspire an increase in your discernment. Switching up a tad, I must say, not voting in this year’s presidential election is one of the stupidest ideas that millions of Americans shouldn’t have. If you don’t want shit to get worse, vote for the democrat. If you don’t want shit to get worse, vote for the democrat. No, that’s not a typo—I’m just providing logical reasoning for those who’re contemplating on how to view each candidate. Donald Trump is not going to do America any favors, and now really ain’t the time for entitlement at large. I’ve been apolitical since Obama left office, but I understand the prominence of politics. The president is the most significant position in the political hierarchy because the leader determines morale amongst constituents, counterparts, and competitors. A good leader can discourage conflict by being respected as a formidable opponent, while encouraging initiative in proactive persons who wish to aid in thwarting opposition. Too bad Donald Trump is a better leader than Joe Biden, which will inspirit republican voters and twofold their turnout. When you think your ally is going to lose, that’s when you’re supposed to show up guns-a-blazing. Are democratic voters intimidated by republican voters? I ain’t tryna start no shit, but the only reason to circumvent a fight is if you’re scared! Y’all have so little faith in Joe Biden that you’re going to relinquish the little freedom you have left by not voting for the more humane party? Politics isn’t just red and blue, and it’s not only us versus them. Politics is ideas! The idea that freedom should need a vote, or even a debate, is the worst idea that humans have ever had! People, what’s going on? Show yourselves some mercy, for me. I’m an atheist, but if you believe God is love, then save the children! Can we all get… Peace.

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