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Hoes, Part I

Among the many traits and characteristics that I possess, the one that I find myself admitting to the most is my awkwardness. Now, the word awkward can be interpreted in several ways. But, the interpretation that fits me is the one that defines someone who is tricky and difficult to deal with. I’m at variance with people, because of the incongruity between my high level of intelligence, and most people’s outright unintelligence. My precarious nature as it pertains to interconnections is predominately caused by my shortness of faith in people’s candor. This is especially so for me and women. Today, we are going to discuss hoes. Yes, those women who lack the decency and dignity to inspire respect from a guy like me. Admittedly, I’ve never had any qualms while openly expressing scorn for women who I believe are deficient in majesty and respectability. Growing up, I never wanted a girlfriend. I’ve toured through my teenage years and my adulthood only having sex with women who I’m not attracted to, but still find attractive. By that, I mean I may be sexually attracted to these women, but none of them appeal to me on an intellectual level. Why do I do this? Because I’m a flesh and blood human being with natural aspirations and inclinations to fuck! Also, I don’t like having sex with women who I sincerely like, because I know I’m still going to want to have sex with other women, and genteel and gracious women (the kind of women that I’m genuinely fully attracted to) are generally opposed to sharing their man. I understood early on in life that monogamy just isn’t for me. Partly because I don’t believe I’ll ever meet the perfect woman for me. No, I don’t think it’s impossible for people to meet their true soulmate, but I’m not a hopeless romantic or even a wishful thinker. I’m a realist, and I try my best to gain clear and comprehensive understandings of facts. And the fact of the matter is, I’m more awkward than a motherfucker!

Bitches like me, and they always have. But, before I get into that, let me explain the circumstantial elements that precisely expose who I am as a man. I’ve always been more attracted to a woman’s cognitive attributes than her physical ones. Although, as I’ve mentioned, a phat ass is substantial enough to earn my attention. Yet, I still have a distinctly particular type of woman that I choose to align with. Even though many of my sexual partners haven’t appealed to me on an intellectual level, none of them have EVER been whorish or libertine in any shape, form, or fashion. A woman doesn’t have to be a brainiac to have high standards. Some women just want to be respected and appreciated, and I can also assert that I have never associated with a woman I didn’t respect and appreciate. I hate to consider myself a philanderer, because I love women so much. But, I recognize that I’m a philanderer because of my love for women! However, again, my sexual choices have never been indiscriminate. I think the distinction that designates division between a womanizer and a mingling single man, is the act of being either non-selective or selective, in addition to the way the women are treated. I’ve never led a woman on or attempted to manipulate a woman by pretending to enter an exclusive relationship just so I could have sex with her. Being sincere and forthcoming is part of being a genuine person, and there will never be anything fake about me! Quick side note, yes, I’m slightly self-indulgent when I write, and I understand weak people are annoyed by confidence, so that’s why I make conscious efforts to gloat as much as I can. Just know that my word is bond, I don’t make empty statements. Anyway, back to the subject, I don’t affiliate with women who I don’t regard with high approbation. But that doesn’t mean all women are worthy of high opinion.

I’ve witnessed women doing some tremendously outlandish things to get my attention. Everything including randomly sitting on my lap, jumping on my back, flashing their boobs, spontaneously sending me nudes, and more. I’ve even had one nasty bitch that I barely knew sit next to me, grab my hand, and place it up her skirt and onto her bare vagina. Why did those women do these things? I can’t exactly answer that question. But, if I had to take an educated guess, I’d say it was because of their insecurities. I’m not very tall, I’m just barely 5’9. I’m not strikingly handsome, but I look good with a fresh haircut. I dress nicely on a regular basis, and I’ve always had a car, but I don’t necessarily “look like money”. Howbeit, I think a lot of women have sought after me because I didn’t pay them the type of attention they believe they deserved. Many women, single or not, come out into the public prepped to scout prospective partners. In those preparations, they do things they believe will attract their potential mate. They strive to assure their attire is appealing, and they sometimes even practice seduction techniques… even if they don’t realize that’s what they’re doing. I’ve had whole groups of friends that all liked me, and I’ve noticed chicks do crazier things to attain my acknowledgement when they’re not alone. You see, I’m the type of nigga that will hear a bitch say hi to me, look at her, and keep walking without returning a salutation. And I do that, because I know a lot of these bitches are hoes. And I don’t fuck with hoes! I think there are a lot of women out there that just can’t accept not being desired, even if they’re only mildly attracted to a guy. On the other hand, I also believe some women have found interest in me because I didn’t hound them, and I’ve never displayed signs of desperation or thirst.

All men have their kryptonite, and unfortunately mine is hood rats. I hate to even admit it, but there’s nothing that I love more than an assertive, rambunctious, vivacious, carefree ghetto chick with a fucked up attitude! I know that sounds contradictory and counterintuitive, considering everything I’ve said up to this point. But, I’m attracted to that type of woman, because they’re ordinarily strong-willed and uncompromising, with the probability of being stalwart and faithful. Sarah Connor (from the Terminator franchise), Queen Latifah, Omarosa, Clair Huxtable (from The Cosby Show), Bonnie Parker – these are a few women who come to mind when I think of the character traits my ideal soulmate would have. These women are either strong-minded, sophisticated, steadfast, or all the above and more! All things considered, we all know it’s possible for a hoe to be everything except loyal. And because of that, I will always remain exceedingly critical of every woman I choose to mesh with. Hoes can be just as awkward as I am, so we’d never mix well. No person has a single facet, and it’s the collective aspects of people that truly define who they are. For instance, a woman can be nastily promiscuous and still have stupendous hygiene habits. There’s levels and layers to everyone, which can be deceptive and difficult to decipher. The best remedy for that is to trust no one, and question everything. They say money is the root of all evil, but I beg to differ. I think pussy is the origin of all wickedness! Another side note, I think the word pussy is very vulgar, but I understand it to be a fervent term, so that’s why I’m using it. How could something with the ability to give life and siphon souls not be recognized as the genesis of all iniquity? Pussy is the only reason we exist, and it warrants awareness to its ascendancy. There’s power in pussy! And hoes use that pussy power to acquire wealth and dominance. This shit gets deep! I hold my women to acutely exacting standards, because I only wish to concern myself with those who use their pussy power for good! And if I ever decide to settle down, I know I can’t turn a hoe into a housewife! Y’all need to stop loving these hoes, bruh!

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