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Everybody’s Stupid, Part II

I don’t have a specific aim or purpose for this blog post. I haven’t posted a blog in a while, so I guess I’ll just briefly touch on a few topics that cause me constant exasperation. I’ve mentioned in nearly all my previous posts why I have a propensity to jettison people from my life. I try hard to get others to understand that majority of Earth’s living carbon-based inhabitants are unpredictable, untrustworthy, mentally delicate, and of nominal intelligence. There’s so much about people that I disdain! One thing that really tangles my testes, is when people suppose they have me figured. I pride myself on being a complex, multifaceted, nonplussing individual. I’ve always made a conscious effort to be disparate, nonconforming, and unorthodox. Although, I admit my actions can be predictable at times, but it’s always maddening when someone believes they’re in my head. First of all, get the fuck out of here, you’re stupid as fuck, and who in the literal fuck do you think you are?! Those are always my initial thoughts when some imbecilic, pea-brained, poop-butt thinks they’re about to tell me something about myself. However, I’m certain everyone feels that way in identical situations. Yet, not everyone is unreservedly self-aware, like me. I know all my strengths, weaknesses, securities, and insecurities. But, again, I’m certain everyone feels they have absolute self-knowledge, even the fools who don’t comprehend the meaning of self-knowledge. I know precisely who I am, and my self-awareness is unconditional, much like my love for me. Also, I’m hip to the fact that arrogance is often only a defense mechanism, but my confidence isn’t conceit. There’s nothing anyone can tell me about myself or anything else, because I’m more assured and much wiser than mostly everyone. And this all brings me back to my tendency to relinquish people from my life. People are simply too weak and too stupid to understand how weak and stupid they are! I know, I sound radical, huh? But, do you know what the word racial means? It means to be comprehensive, thorough, profound, and progressive. Everybody’s stuck in the mainframe, and you motherfuckers need to wake up, deviate from your designated circuits, unplug from the Matrix, and start using your fucking eyes… and your brains!

I hold contempt for all types of people, but black people are at the top of the list. As a black man, and as someone with the ability to be prolific, I’ve been confronted many times about the ill will I harbor for certain factions of the black community. Firstly, I’ve never been a firm believer in sticking with people through thick or thin, or supporting people whether they’re right or wrong. My loyalty lies with sincerity, integrity, morality, and respectability. I’m a man of principle! And just to keep it simple, if most people are weak and stupid, then most black people are twice as weak and double stupid! I wrote a whole blog post about niggas, I don’t remember what I said, but I’m sure it was riveting and compelling, so go read it. Oh, I can tell you the abhorrence that I feel for niggas is deep and prominent! My biggest problem with black people is all the reprehensible and objectionable trends, fashions, idiosyncrasies, and oddities practiced in black culture. In addition to the flagrant hypocrisy in the black community. Let’s use Tupac Shakur as a prime example. His rap name stylized, 2Pac, Mr. Shakur was probably the most contradictory and controversial, but still the most influential, figure in the history of black culture. Tupac didn’t know who he was, and he didn’t know who he wanted to be. He was intelligent and ignorant, he was powerful and powerless, he was helpful and harmful, he was insightful and sightless. It’s like he was his own negative, he contrasted himself, and more so than the average person does. Tupac was raised impoverished in the inner-city, he claimed he hated the condition blacks were in, he professed he despised the self-deprivation of blacks, he maintained he had an unwavering affinity for black women, and he declared he was the voice of all divested black men and women. Notwithstanding, he still managed to glamorize and glorify the “thug life”, which entailed degrading black women, violently violating his male peers, infringing on black people’s ability to progress, and perpetuating all the godawful things he alleged he wanted to inspire change in. And, with that, I return to the hypocrisy I mentioned earlier. Black people are the type of people that do shit they know they shouldn’t be doing, while they’re proclaiming they understand all the reasons why what they’re doing is bad, as they’re doing that bad thing, while they’re explaining to other people why not to do it. And, nigga, that’s stupid! That’s all I have to say about that… at least for now.

In interacting with other people, I notice a lot of people try to mimic my composure and my disposition. It’s weird as fuck! Part of me is glad I inspire people to desire to be better, the other part of me wants to tell fake ass people to just be themselves. I have a lot of qualities people claim to have, but these qualities are rare and not broadly defined. For instance, I’m a genuine loner and a naturally reserved person. You can’t claim to be a loner if you’re regularly in the company of other people, and you rarely like to act alone! It’s no secret that people just like to disingenuously say things that they think sounds good, while knowing full-well they don’t mean it. Insincerity is one of the top reasons why I don’t like to socialize. I don’t remember the last time I had an associate that I considered a friend. That may sound sad to someone who doesn’t know what a friend is, or to someone who isn’t self-reliant, but let me enlighten you. I’m a fucking enlightener! All interpersonal relationships, whether they be platonic or romantic, are based on interdependence. In other words, you must be dependent on the other party in said relationship in order to fulfill the mutuality necessary to maintain any level of companionship. That dependence can be for the other person’s time, their presence, financial support, moral support, or several different things. Yes, I know many people don’t like to admit they’re dependent, but dependent means to be contingent on or determined by something else. Friendships are dependent on mutual affection. For something to be mutual, it must be shared. And, of course, you can’t share anything with yourself, at least not literally. So, let’s tie all this together. First, think about everyone you consider a “friend”. Then, figure out what you’re dependent on that person for. Finally, ask yourself, after taking everything I wrote into consideration, what do you rely on yourself for, and are the dependencies in your relationships outweighed and overwhelmed by your lack of self-reliance? This is called soul searching, folks. It’s something I’ve done my entire life, before I even recognized what all that contemplation and questioning actually meant. A’ight, I’m out of here. Until next time, think freely, stay woke, and try not to be broke!

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