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Everybody’s Stupid, XXIX

Do you know how I know niggas will always have life fucked-up? Recently, black people have been trumpeting their torrid detestation of freedom. As exhibitions of expression engulf everyday life and entertainment, essentially everybody evokes enraged emotions of enmity. Yes, I’m good at this. But that’s beside the point. Freedom is defined as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. That means people are at liberty to reject influence and move boundlessly! If you preach empowerment, if you profess to revere the pugnacious people who perished while properly prosecuting our persecutors, and if you personally practice prerogatives, how the fuck can you stand against free will and self-reliance? Now, I have a problem with the mere idea of people believing freedom isn’t implicit at birth. Ultimately, only death can stop people from doing whatever the fuck they want to do! If you haven’t noticed, nobody gives a fuck about what you think! Freedom means men are regularly going to wear feminine clothing, it means people will consistently date outside their race, it means the LGBTQIA community will permanently live openly, it means people will eternally demonstrate outrage toward everything, and it means there will never be rectification for existential dissonance. There are a lot of fine lines and grey areas in life, regardless of how contemplative and decisive you are. If you understand that everything isn’t about you, then there will always be certain things you won’t be able to conclude on. Additionally, if you’re smart and you like to learn, you know that every time you learn something new there are attributes and affixes attached to that new knowledge that require auxiliary investigation and research. We should never stop learning!

Imagine a world where people recognize and exercise their freedom to act and speak overtly against other people’s freedom to act and speak freely. Do you see what I’m saying about fine lines and grey areas? Freedom is a quandary, and it is the epitome of humanity’s plight. However, that’s not an excuse for people’s proclivity to disrespect and downplay their fellow man’s freedom. Before I proceed, let me shut down all the Captain Obvious-es. Yes, I know checks and balances are implemented to uphold decency and righteousness in society. No, you don’t see that the concepts of good and bad and right and wrong are emotionally driven and impressionistic. No, you don’t discern that most systems of regulation are designed to delegate power to authoritarians, i.e., people who believe their opinions should mean more to you than your own. Yes, I apprehend that cultures have idiosyncratic customs and institutions that are policed intramurally. No, you don’t perceive that your entitlement to autonomy is not a right to impose autocracy. Most people will never get that they’ll never get it! That’s why y’all stupid asses invest so much time into addressing things that will invariably be out of your control. And if you’re not doing your utmost to purloin someone else’s freedom, you are toiling to relinquish your own freedom to your culture. A few religious holidays just passed. I’ve been an atheist since I was about 7 years old, I can’t remember ever believing in God. Religion is an integral component of most cultures. Of course, religion is a belief system, and beliefs are things people accept as true or real. But does simply accepting something ever make it real?

I believe that subservience is human nature, which is both detrimental and beneficial. To serve a person or a purpose, one must trust that they are assisting the progression of a cause greater than their individual desires. In some instances, service is a selfless act. But what happens when serving a greater cause forces people to abandon their basic instincts? For the layman, I mean, what happens when the selfless are serving the selfish? Lord Acton said, “all power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Ain’t God a little egocentric and inconsiderate? What type of motherfucker only wants you to do what they tell you to do? Religion is oppressive! The same can be said for leaders and guardians of all cultures. I think y’all need things like traditions and religions because freedom is scary to y’all! People need to feel guided and protected, especially if there are no shielding or solicitous figures in their lives. Religion is a safeguard for softies, sinners, and students of life. Similarly, gangs are a preservative for pussies, punks, and passive prey. If you believe that gang members are the foremost roughest, toughest predators in the streets, you likely also believe that churchgoers are the most innocent, virtuous saints in all communities. Do you know what happens when you don’t value naturalness? You live unnaturally. Do you know what natural is? It’s the state of being sincere, uninhibited, and free. Do you believe you’re capable of being natural?

These are just streams of thought. I had several points to make, and I wanted to make them concisely, but without being overly persuasive. People should think for themselves. That’s what freedom is! Nonetheless, I choose to use my freedom to speak against niggas’ freedom to be stupid. True, technically it’s hypocritical to suggest that people should stop telling other people what to do, just to turn around and tell people what they should do. But I would like to refer you to the previous paragraphs. Uncertainties are a part of life! And I feel like I’m doing everyone an altruistic service by being one of very few people to speak out in opposition of nigganess. I will never be down with any black empowerment movements. I believe that niggas have become the worst versions of every stereotype any racist has ever conjured. To answer a question that I asked previously—yes, sometimes accepting something does make it real. Niggas were treated like they were unworthy until they accepted and exemplified the supremacists’ definition of black. So, ask yourself, whose purpose are you serving!? If you’re black, you’re sliding with the opps every time you bash Tyler Perry for becoming a billionaire by being a good enough actor to make Madea indistinguishable from his real-life persona, or whenever you criticize black people for being in fortunate and contented relationships white partners, or when you clown respectable black people for having enough dignity to be cautious and deliberate, etc. Senseless violence isn’t the sickest crime blacks commit against each other. Black people’s greatest atrocity is their refusal to receive the right to refuse! What does that mean to you?  

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