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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XXV

Being humble is a weakness! By definition, to be humble is to lack confidence and assertion, and to be passive and obsequious. Pride is the antithesis of humility, and to be proud is to believe in oneself, and to be gratified in the recognition of one’s own qualities and accomplishments. Frankly, though I concede that both pride and humbleness can be negative traits, I would rather be excessively prideful than to be even vaguely humble! That’s just my personal take, and I don’t give a fuck who disagrees because I’m proud to be me! From my perspective, there is no room for modesty or self-doubt in a world full of insanely, fallaciously prideful people who will jump at the opportunity to exploit whatever weaknesses they sense in other people. The type of people who take pride in being humble are the type of people who will pray profusely to an extramundane entity before they take action or devise real-life solutions to their worldly problems. I will never understand why people place faith in anything or anyone other than themselves! Granted, if you have confidence that you can rely on someone, and you need assistance, it makes sense to seek help from that person. But, it will never make sense for people to find credence in the mere existence of other people! Now, I’m a writer, and oftentimes I succinctly express thoughts that require an extensive explanation for people to decipher the encapsulated information in some of my statements. My bad! Essentially, I’m saying that there’s no evidence that suggests people, or their thoughts, opinions, and even their scientific conclusions, can be trusted! Did we really need to wait until the 21st century for scientists to tell us that milk is bad for us, when dairy products give nearly everybody stomach cramps and the shits every time we consume them? The makers of oxycontin lied and told doctors that it wasn’t addictive, so doctors prescribed that shit, and its addicts overdose regularly—killing far more people than gun violence every year! Historically, humble has always been a word used to describe servants and pushovers like workhorses and laborers. Psychologically, power thirsty authorities promote humility as an admirable trait to incentivize timidity and acquiescence, and to envelope the fact that the People will always have the power to overcome officialdom. Think about it! How the fuck would it ever benefit you to have a total lack of pride, and to view yourself as less important than people who don’t hold any significance in your life?! Better yet, why would you allow someone to dictate to you how important they are to you? Isn’t that a decision people should want to make for themselves? Why should we ever listen to anything anyone says?!!!

Believing in yourself is, without a doubt, the most crucial attribute to your success! I would rather be self-assured in my beliefs while being completely wrong about everything than to listen to anything another human being has to say! I don’t give a fuck if I was sitting in a room with Oprah, Barack Obama, Kanye West, and Elon Musk! Whatever worked for those motherfuckers is unlikely to apply to me. I don’t care to be filthy rich or to be the president of the United States. If anything, those people are examples of how self-reliance is the key to success. Even so, I believe that potential is worthless without opportunity, but I also believe that the recognition of one’s own potential motivates people to pursue opportunities. Not only is it possible for two contracting facts to be true simultaneously, but there’s also never a single dimension to any reality! For instance, it’s possible for people to love raw tomatoes sprinkled with salt, but to hate ketchup. And, it’s feasible for someone to dedicate their entire life to being successful, but to find little use for money. For me, everything inevitably leads back to my strongest belief—all this shit is made-up! I don’t believe in higher powers! I’m an atheist and an anarchist. I don’t know how or why we exist, and I don’t believe any human being has, or will ever have, incontrovertible verification on how life came to be. As it pertains to a social hierarchy, I understand that it’s up to me to decide who and what influences me, and what I am or am not convinced by. The ideas of leadership and supremacy are based on people’s acceptance of contrived influence. For example, punishment is a designed consequence of disobedience, but disobedience is a natural consequence of disagreement. In every aspect of life, disputes prove that even truths aren’t certainties. Laws can forbid crimes, people can commit those crimes, law enforcement can enforce the law, and the criminal can be captured, convicted, incarcerated, and escape regardless of the law or its enforcers’ contention! There’s nothing that people can do to stop people from doing whatever they want to do! If we would be indistinguishable from animals without rules, who gets to determine the degree of animalistic nature based on our actions, who’s to say that we’re not already alike animals, and who the fuck ever said that animals don’t have rules?! People are full of shit!

This type of talk is dangerous! It’s why all my Twitter accounts were suspended, and I’ve been permanently banned from the platform. It’s why Kanye West believes the powers that be aren’t going to allow him to live much longer. Shit, it’s why every revolutionary thought leader in history has been assassinated! The Incredibles is one of my favorite movies, and the story has a myriad of life lessons. In the movie, Syndrome is the main antagonist, and he became a supervillain to spite his former hero and the movie’s main protagonist, Mr. Incredible, who slighted Syndrome as a kid for interrupting and ruining a rescue attempt. During one of Syndrome’s rants, he vowed to give everyone technologically advanced equipment that would grant them special abilities to rival those of people born with superpowers, boasting that “when everyone’s super, no one will be!”. I was 17 years old when The Incredibles was released, and that line always gave me chills. It’s a profound statement that emphasizes a deep sentiment that I’ve held my entire life. How can one discriminate between the powerful and the powerless if all power is equivalent? Come what may, I’ve never been one to go with the grain, and there’s never been a point in my life when I didn’t question everything! When it comes down to it, people don’t know shit, and their stupidity has been palpable amid power struggles since the beginning of time. Humility is the bane of humanity and the blessing of hegemony! Obviously, the words humility and humiliate are akin, and your diffidence and timorous nature only service those who seek to dominate and control you! Fuck the establishment and its man-made, unnatural, pseudo power! If they can make their own power, so can we! And if we all understand how powerful and important we truly are, who the fuck can stop us?!

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