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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XXIV

The world is full of hypercritical hypocrites—dubious, duplicitous, disingenuous motherfuckers who do and say the opposite of what they feel, then obsess over everyone else’s dishonesty and insincerity! Essentially, most people are liars! Some may ask, “why would a person lie?”. My question is, why would anyone do anything?! Liars are deceitful for the same reasons honest people are truthful, it’s just who they are. People are who they are! Understanding why people do the things they do is as simple as appreciating the fact that we’re not all the same. We don’t all have the same principles, goals, interests, desires, etc. But, why would anyone want it any other way?! We’re distinguished by our differences. Even so, many people enervate themselves and waste their entire lives trying to fit in, meet expectations, and follow rules. My biggest problem with the world, is the naturally incorrect and inimical notion that one person, or insignificant groups of people, can tell everybody what’s best for them! That’s complete and utter nonsensical bullshit! It don’t make sense! Like I’ve mentioned previously, all this shit is made up! For most people, the basis of the human experience is a series of ideas that people convince other people to accept. But, nothing that any of us believes in is pertinent or appropriate for literally everyone else! Of course, there will always be groups of people who discover that they share similar or identical ideas. Additionally, those groups will inevitably be met with stark opposition. Good and bad, pretty and ugly, pleasure and pain, contentment and misery, smart and stupid, leftists and rightists—none of those things exist without its opposite! For example, a long while back, I remember reading a news article about a rich girl who committed suicide before prom because she couldn’t get rid of a pimple. Yes, she was white. And, she was beautiful! But, this bitch had such a privileged life, that the stress of being seen with a pimple at her high school prom was severe enough to prompt her to kill herself! When I read that story, I started looking for other prom content. I found a story about a woman who collects dresses all year leading up to prom, so she can donate those dresses to less fortunate girls. I also found a story about a young black girl who taught herself how to sew, so she could make the dream prom dress that her parents couldn’t afford. Again, we’re not all the same! There are bitches who kill themselves because they think diminutive imperfections make them hideous, and there are bitches who are very disadvantaged and find pragmatic, praiseworthy ways to create the things they want themselves!

I believe that the presence of mental illness is far more common than the absence of mental illness in humans. I say that a lot, and I hope it’s a quote that will be permanently associated with my name. Also, “people are weak and stupid” is like my catchphrase. If you pay attention, and you have a lot of common sense, you can tell when something is off or wrong with a motherfucker. Now, the reason you need a lot of common sense, is because most of you have mental illnesses, or you suffer from ignorance, biases, hatefulness, and inexperience, that will obscure reality and cloud your judgement. For instance, you might think I’m a negative person, or worse, because I regularly discuss how troublesome the world is and how despicable, dumb, and disgusting people are. But, we all live in the same world! For me, I conclude that the world is a crappy place full of shitty people when multiple crimes are reported every time I watch the news, and numerous disagreeable people post displeasing content every time I open a social media app, and I have a bipolar bitch of an aunt who can’t seem to keep my name out her lying-ass mouth, and I’ve witnessed dysfunction in my own family and every fucking family that I’ve been around my entire life, and half the country thought Donald Trump should have been re-elected president in 2020, and grievous racism still exists over 155 years after slavery was abolished, and people actively dispute simple mask mandates during a global pandemic where an airborne virus has killed millions of people, and I could go on and on listing a bunch of the clichéd discussion points on problems the world has that only persist because y’all mentally ill-asses don’t give a fuck! But, I ain’t gone do that, because you should get my point. I’m not a negative person, I just give a fuck, and I stand for meaningful shit! Don’t lie, mind your fucking business, be yourself, don’t let anybody tell you who the fuck you are, family ain’t shit but people who share ancestry, accept shit for what it is, understand that the world is a fucked-up place and maneuver accordingly, etc. Those are things to live by—things that most people with even a little bit of common sense should align with!

Steve Jobs was a genius. Do you know why he died? Because his stupid-ass thought that carrot juice was the fundamental core of a healthy diet. He ate a very unbalanced diet that left him malnourished, which led to him developing pancreatic cancer. This man had nearly all the technological, business, and media knowledge humanly possible, but he wasn’t smart enough to know that proteins, vitamins, minerals, and even some fats help keep our immune systems healthy. He could’ve just used his fucking iPhone, a device that he designed and created, to Google “what’s a healthy diet”, but he didn’t, even after he got sick! That, my friends, was undeniably caused by mental illness! Now, do you see why I believe there are far more people with mental illnesses than people without them? Having a mental illness doesn’t automatically make a person less functional or less capable than other people. Personally, I think mental health is such a taboo subject because most people understand that they may have a little tinge of mental illness and they don’t want to admit it. Plus, because we live in world full of liars and hypocrites, honesty is a commodity, and I can pinpoint the two main reasons. Firstly, most people are too weak to acknowledge their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, so they pretend that they don’t have them, which makes other people weary of being honest about their complications and indispositions because they don’t want to be judged and they don’t want to feel alone, but opposed to pretending like they don’t have issues they just neglect to mention or concede to them, which is just as bad as lying about them because you can’t discover a solution without exploring the problem. Secondly, a lot of people just don’t have the capacity to recognize and interpret the truth. Some people’s minds are so warped that reality and the shit that goes on in their head are indistinguishable. And, to make it even more fucked up, those people can go out in the world and live seemingly normal lives without knowing that it’s wrong to kneel on a man’s neck for nearly nine minutes while he’s handcuffed on the ground, and it’s not right to separate children from their families and place them in detention centers where you’ll have to lie in an attempt to conceal that thousands of them were sexually assaulted by government agents, and it’s immoral to make people work 12-hour shifts on their feet without regular bathroom breaks or viable rest to the point where their complaints will force you to spend millions of dollars running commercials that claim working at your facilities is a dream come true with a $15 hourly salary. Again, I’m not a negative person, and I’m not crazy, I just give a fuck! Try it!

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