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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XXII

Doesn’t it make sense for someone who wants to break the law and get away with it to become a law enforcer? Especially in an American judicial system that has always been partial to corruption. What about pedophiles? Doesn’t it make sense for someone who wants to victimize children to become a schoolteacher, pediatrician, camp counselor, amusement park worker, pastor, etc.? How ironic is it, that the people you’re predisposed to deem trustworthy are the people you should distrust the most? If you’ve ever watched Animal Planet or the Discovery channel, you know that traits like cunning, charm, and crass come naturally to all living creatures. Literally every action a person takes can be used in a predatory manner. Obviously, it’s a lot easier to victimize an unsuspecting target if they trust you or if they simply don’t see it coming! But, when you think about it, it’s completely counterintuitive to trust people! Information is more readily available now than it’s ever been. However, people’s brains have been so conditioned to only accept what they are told is acceptable, that they refuse to acknowledge reality for what it demonstrably is. Honestly, I think the vast and diverse information that is available to everyone has only made people more ignorant and unworldly. Here’s the thing about information—it is seldom fully comprehended. People have always been idiots, they’ve always been confused as fuck, and they’ve always been obstinate. Those are scientific facts! So, the more something is clarified, the less people are willing to accept it, because new information is unfamiliar, and people fear everything alien! Additionally, there are people who falsely claim to understand shit that they are wholly oblivious to, and a lot of those false prophets like to resoundingly spread inaccurate information, which intrigues people who don’t normally exhaustively think about the subjects that false prophets discuss. People are inclined to believe questionable information given by false prophets when they’re too lazy to do research, too dumb to decipher what that foreign information truthfully means, or when they are seeking leadership or mentorship. It sucks that the most deceptive people are always the loudest and the foremost. Moreover, some people just follow the “keep it simple, stupid” and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” principles throughout life. Elevation and evolution aren’t for everybody!

I’m an atheist, so I’m not worried about going to hell when I say: religion is for weak and stupid people! When I think about religion, I envision kamikaze Muslim terrorists, pedophilic Catholic priests and nuns, incestual and racist southern Baptists, exploitative evangelicals, crazed cultists, and shitloads of perpetually sinful people who constantly repent to their gods and ceaselessly seek forgiveness! “The devil” is an excuse, a scapegoat for fucked-up people who incessantly make bad decisions that they’re too stupid to refrain from, which have consequences that they’re too weak to cope with! For the record, if you’re new here, I don’t give a FUCK about people! People ain’t shit, and all the evidence is in the information that’s right in your face, that you ignore every fucking day! Like I said earlier, trusting people is counterintuitive. Intuition is instinctive conclusions made instantaneously without thinking about it, at all; you just know when something is unmistakably wrong or ideally proper. And, even if your intuition is incorrect, going against it is totally unnatural. So, what would possess a person to trust a perfect stranger on planet Earth? That’s a question I can’t concisely answer. Some people haven’t experienced enough in life to intimately interpret reality. Other people willfully refuse to welcome the fact that the world is a terribly shitty place. Then, there are many, many, many people who don’t have the capacity for consciousness. Even though intuition is instinctual, you must be aware and alert to be informed. In addition, and probably most importantly, people are being brainwashed. This is a topic I stray away from, because a lot of the crazy motherfuckers and false prophets that I’ve mentioned indoctrinate people by sardonically telling them that they’ve been brainwashed. But, people are unquestionably being conditioned to knuckle under without defiance. I won’t explain in-depth, because I don’t want to sound anymore preachy than I already do, and I want to expansively disassociate myself from false prophets. Also, I want to stop using the term “false prophets”, because its connotation is too narrow, so let’s just call them what they are—lying-ass motherfuckers!

The American government, which essentially is a large corporation, and major economy-based corporations are among those who benefit the most from being lying-ass motherfuckers. I’ll keep this short, and in Layman’s terms, so most people will understand. From the beginning, poor people who immigrated to America have been treated like shit, and it’s never mattered what color their skin is. To put this in perspective, think about how the snobs on the upper decks treated Jack and his pals in The Titanic. Remember, that movie is based on actual events, and if you think white people aren’t prejudiced against other white people, you’re just plain fucking stupid! Policing, as an officially mandated method of enforcing laws, started, in part, to keep protesting immigrants from getting too rowdy. Of course, we know that the genesis of policing is even more deeply rooted in slave capturing, but I digress. What is the best way to prevent a slave from realizing that they’re in subjugation? You give them just barely enough compensation to live on, you openly reward the most obedient servants to encourage harder work and deeper subservience, and you delusively praise the slaves for their hard work while they suffer, and you reap all the benefits. That, my friends, is the workforce that you all work in! If you paid attention, you would notice that everything gets just a little more expensive every time you get a raise or start a higher paying job. The government and big corporations work together, it’s no secret. The Illuminati exists, even if that’s not what the people within that group refer to themselves as. Politicians are just Minister Farrakhan with security clearance! Again, I’m an atheist, so I don’t fuck with Farrakhan. I’m just saying that he’s good at persuading people to believe bullshit. So, imagine how willing people are to internalize lies that come from people they’ve been conditioned to trust. Your grandparents, great-grandparents, and all your ancestors were far more susceptible to inculcation than contemporary people. Old people didn’t have access to all the information we’re privy to. What I’m saying is, the most powerful and influential people in the world have made it a fucking tradition for people to readily accept authority. They’ve made it so your parents will teach you that doing whatever everyone else is doing is the right thing. But, they aren’t telling you that everyone else is a fucking slave to the fucking system. Or, maybe they are telling you that, and you just lack the capacity for consciousness!? Wake up!

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