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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XXI

According to statistics, a serial killer or a mass murderer are most likely to be identified as the first person you would suspect or the last person you would ever expect to be capable of committing gruesome acts of cruelty. These killers are often profiled as either highly educated, successful, and attractive conservatives or mentally ill, impecunious, and ugly weirdos. Let that soak in a little bit, and think about what that means. From my perspective, the psychological profiling of planet Earth’s most abominable criminal men is a clear indication of two things. Firstly, psychology is fucking stupid! Secondly, literally nobody can be trusted! I think psychology is stupid because I understand that the human brain itself is an enigma. My biggest question is, why should we trust people with human brains to decipher human brains? Science was sparked by curiosity, and people query, study, and experiment to sophisticate themselves on the knowledge of how things work. But, we all know the information from those queries, studies, and experiments is often misinterpreted or just plain inaccurate. Scientists make a lot of mistakes quite frequently because they have human brains. Ultimately, scientists are just a bunch of ignorant, inquisitive people playing a guessing game. They make assumptions and test theories, and most things only become scientific fact when a test’s results can be reproduced in a controlled environment or when an observed act occurs naturally enough times for that pattern to be deemed instinctual. If two different frightening killers can commit similar or identical crimes, but live completely contrasting and opposite lifestyles, that presents more questions than answers, in my opinion. Psychology definitively tells us that anybody is capable of anything, and it is humanly impossible to prevent people from being crazy or “going” crazy! In fact, people and their actions are commonly the trigger that motivates killers to kill. Markedly, the concept of right and wrong is relative to a person’s beliefs. Subsequently, the judgement of one’s actions is also relative to the judge’s beliefs. And, by judge, I mean anyone who forms an opinion about someone else. Remember, in the last blog post, I told y’all that shit will never be one way! If killings can be justified in a court of law, and laws are just guidelines based on principles derived from opinions, who’s to say when the law is right or wrong? Why should any human opinion be considered more important than the next? If murders are a typical consequence of natural human behavior, what truly makes the act of killing abnormal? Military soldiers and law enforcement officers are trained to kill people who they conclude are dangerous, but when are they right, when are they wrong, and why would any “sane” person want to occupy a profession that involves “legally” killing other people? Although I am aware and supportive of psychology’s contentious but somewhat effective medicinal contributions to society, I still believe that psychology is primarily bullshit! Yes, there are medicines that can relieve the symptoms of scientifically indisputable mental ailments. No, people within the scientific sphere of psychology aren’t immune to mental illnesses or human nature.

Personally, I can’t stop thinking about something important unless I am comfortable with my level of understanding in conjunction with that thing’s level of importance. Luckily for me, there are very few things that I consider important. That’s why I always talk about the same shit on this blog. Everything that most people consider important is made up! Everything from the words we speak, to the meanings of those words, to the laws we’re supposed to follow, to the governmental positions that lawmakers hold, to the government itself, to the notion of success, to the image of normalcy, and nearly everything concerning social operation are all ideas that people concoct, enact, and impose. If you ever come to recognize what that truly means, you’ll realize why people like me hate people and refuse to acquiesce. Why should anyone accept or adopt someone else’s ideas? If we all have minds of our own, and some of our ideas contradict norms but promote personal prosperity, why should we ever second guess ourselves? Freedom is a simple concept, and obtaining it isn’t as difficult as you may believe. Even if comprehensive independence is impossible, none of us are required to accept, or even tolerate, other people’s ideas! Think about this: outside of parenting, how could having a “problem with authority” ever be a bad thing? Better yet, what type of person is going to walk around eagerly following orders their entire fucking life? Well, if you affirm yourself as a “normal” person, chances are your life is dictated by other people’s idea of normalcy. We live in a world where the actions of unique, distinctive people are both ridiculed and imitated by the same people. What does that tell you? It illustrates that people understand that being different is admirable, but deviating is unacceptable until it’s normal. Essentially, people are fake, weak, and stupid! I think “no” is the most powerful word in a person’s vocabulary. No is a word nobody ever wants to hear! No means “fuck that”, “I refuse”, “that will never happen”, “kiss my ass”, “I don’t think so”, “not now, not ever”, “you must be crazy”, and it is a conclusive sign of rejection. Rejection is a symbol of resistance, and resistance is historically where freedom is birthed! With that being said, if you ever want to experience anything that remotely resembles freedom, it is imperative that you reject other people’s ideas and resist any opinion that suggests you’re wrong for being divergent. Normal is defined as “conforming to a standard”, so think about all the fucked-up standards that people have normalized here. I don’t even have to list shit, because I know even the dumbest motherfucker can find a reason to protest something. Everything that people take for granted in this world is a consequence of war. There’s not a single “freedom” that we have that wasn’t fought for. Obviously, resistance is in our nature. Normal will never replace natural!

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