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Everybody’s Stupid, LIV

As my name and this blog progressively grows in popularity, I feel increasingly obligated to suffuse the readers with the fact that these posts are simply rough drafts of random and repetitive rants. I’m usually just rambling and talking shit. But it just so happens that I’m such a preeminent and prolific writer, my equivalent to chicken scratch resembles art to some people. I know it’s difficult for a lot of you to fathom the idea of me being profoundly smarter, more ruminative, and more talented than you’ll ever be, but that’s because you’re stupid! Refusing to accept the truth will never convert or invalidate it. Sorry! Most stupidity derives from a person’s inability to recognize that they’re incapable of thinking rationally, objectively, and comprehensively. That’s an easy deduction to reach, because if a person is stupid, it’s evidently because they don’t possess the rationale necessary to identify all the simple errors in their logic. Basically, stupid people don’t understand that they don’t understand, but from their perspectives, they have a full understanding. I remember when I first started blogging, even before and right after I started this particular blog, I didn’t want to give stupid motherfuckers quotable assertions to repeat, so I nerfed my writing skills. Even now, if I reach what I perceive as a revelation or if something I write sounds too good to divulge for free, I retract or dumb down the statement. I always regret dumbing down my writing, because I sometimes end up sounding vaguely similar to all the stupid motherfuckers that stupid people think are smart. And it recently came to my attention that my influence as a puissant voice in writing is a lot more significant than I could’ve imagined. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m comfortable possessing the power to seriously impact people’s points of view. Power is a strange feeling! I know none of you have any idea what I’m talking about, and that’s because it’s none of your fucking business. Just enjoy the message! How would you feel if someone you respected or admired put you on a pedestal? Better yet, how would you feel if people in high positions refused to acknowledge that they follow your every move?

If you look back in history, and survey people’s backgrounds in general, you’ll notice that all the most influential people have major flaws. Malcolm Little was a pimp and a petty criminal. Mike Tyson was a self-proclaimed megalomaniac and drug addict (may he continue to live prosperously). DMX was a manic-depressive, alcoholic, and substance abuser. But it’s no secret that beating burdens builds character. The wisest and most benevolent people are always those who’ve witnessed, experienced, and overcome the worst of life’s obstacles. But even if a person’s demons ultimately defeat them, we all admire the fight. I believe imperfection is the most relatable and respectable human trait. And I also think we should all take the fact that “nobody’s perfect” more literally! Aside from being unconditionally stupid, most people are unhappy and unsatisfied with who they are, especially today. Is that “all smiles over here” shit still going on? Get y’all goofy-asses out of here! I don’t really fuck with social media, because I’m not a fake-ass person. In my opinion, social media is best suited for socialites, celebrities, people promoting shit, females, and kids. Of course, people are free to do whatever the fuck they want, but why choose to be fake as fuck!? Who are y’all fooling?! You know people are stupid when they think they’re smart enough to trick other fake-ass people! Motherfucker, if anybody knows you’re capping, it’s other cappers! And I don’t even like new slang, so let me stop being fake. You see how that fakeness is sort of contagious? What does “capping” even mean? Is it supposed to delineate a disguise? Like, if you’re “capping”, you’re proverbially concealing the truth—like the old cap and sunglasses disguise conceals a person’s identity? I bet the stupid motherfucker who came up with that shit wasn’t even that clever. Sometimes, even when I’m wrong, what I believe makes more sense than the truth. What does that mean? It means I’m smarter than y’all! Don’t get me wrong, I understand that I’m not perfect. But why the fuck would I ever think less of myself? To make y’all weak-ass, fake-ass feel better about your stupid-ass selves? Never! Get a grip. Stop playing yourselves! Accept who you are, change the things that you don’t like, and be honest yourself and everyone else. None of the great men I mentioned above ran from or concealed their imperfections! Why should you?

There’s power in the truth. And the truth will set you free. Shit, your truth could set us all free! That’s why so many of you motherfuckers dislike me. I’m honest, I don’t give a fuck, and I’m nothing like y’all! I represent all the mental fortitude you wish you had, and lie about having, but know you lack the ability to hold. Am I right? Shut the fuck up, we all know y’all motherfuckers don’t tell the truth! Honesty is easy, and that’s why stupid people eschew it. Moreover, I believe a lot of stupid people deliberately complicate their lives because they know people admire diligence and tenacity. Having an easy life or taking the easy road to success isn’t celebrated and applauded like defying the odds or achieving the impossible. That makes sense, right? If smart people work smartly, and smarter methods are generally easier, doesn’t that prove my point? Ultimately, whether it’s to inspire envy or admiration, people lie to be accepted. And people like me don’t give enough of a fuck about people to desire their acceptance! If you don’t give a fuck, what’s the point of lying? I said that your truth could set us all free because a lot of people lie to match the next person’s lie. Imperfection may not be something you can brag on or be proud of, but it’s definitely not something you can lie about! If we’re all imperfect, and we all know it, why are y’all lying? Maybe, just maybe, your honesty will encourage the next person’s honesty in the same way your lies do. Lying is a laborious, full-time job that I assume is as stressful as the presidency. When you lie, especially if you’re a triumphant liar, you develop a domain of dishonesty and deception that’s inhabited by a community of disloyal dwellers who thrive on your self-inflicted affliction. Many of the dwellers are aware of your deceit, and some aren’t, but they all understand that you’ll eventually do or say something that they can lambaste you about and deface you over. You’re wise to the dwellers’ disloyalty, but you enjoy and appreciate the attention they show you. And you foolishly believe you’ll eventually win them over with your dedication and determination. But even a liar hates liars, and there’s nothing a liar loves more than exposing other liars. So, the assassination of your character occurs, catching you completely off guard, and your domain is destroyed! Damn! You forgot to lie about lying and the dwellers exposed your boob, it happens to the best of you. Now, what’s more embarrassing—your truth or your lies?! You’re welcome.

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