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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXIX

Do you believe that bad decisions make for good stories? If so, do you think that’s why the majority of humans are so stupid—because they don’t want to seem uninspired or unimpressive in life? How many of your actions are incentivized by your understanding or anticipation of other people’s opinions? How important is it for you to receive favorable opinions from both familiar and unfamiliar people? This is one of my favorite topics to broach because I’m of the opinion that people’s insecurities about being perceived unfavorably ruins their lives! A lot of the most motivational people on the internet credit their “fuck people” mentality for their perseverance. Obviously, I’m of the same “I don’t give a fuck about people or their opinions” mindset. For stupid people, the line between sincerity and disrespectfulness gets blurry when the idea of freedom of speech is introduced. Oftentimes, people think uninhibited honesty is an indication of their upstanding character. But in reality, speaking your mind is insulting whenever your thoughts are offensive! And it’s the insults that derive from offensive thoughts that discourage people from being themselves and cause them to prioritize appeasement. As I’ve mentioned before, not giving a fuck is like a superpower. How much violence do you presume is the product of propitiation? If a reputation is the opinions that are generally held about someone, and if people often risk their lives and their freedom solely to upkeep their reputations, doesn’t that make defending your reputation an act of propitiation? If you’re more worried about the opinions that are held about you than you are with your safety and livelihood, you’re a stupid motherfucker! Honestly, I pity humanity. There’s the part of ignorance that’s blissful because it inhibits ignorant people’s ability to perceive how grim reality is. But on the other hand, people’s ignorance is why reality is so grim! I’ve been binge watching the animated series, Futurama, lately. For whatever reason, I didn’t like the show that much when it was fresh, but I’ve come to appreciate how funny it is and I understand why Hulu brought it back. Anyway, there’s an episode of Futurama where the Professor gives a monkey a hat that rewards the voiceless mammal with speech and heightened intelligence. In a nutshell, the monkey is deeply burdened by the capability to comprehend how fucked-up the world is until he falls off a waterfall and lands on the hat, which caused the literal thinking cap to malfunction and operate at half capacity. After the relief of becoming ignorant, the monkey was able to be happy and proclaimed that he preferred having average intelligence. So, if you read my blog and think that I take things too seriously, I want you to know that these posts contain the dumbed down, palatable version of my thoughts. I’m not a full-fledged nihilist, but I wholeheartedly believe that being happy as frequently and consistently as possible is undeniably life’s only true purpose. And motherfuckers will never be happy if all they do is concern themselves with other people’s opinions! People are not worth that anguish and antipathy. Stop worrying about what other people are doing and stop being anxious about people who worry about what you’re doing, it’s all a waste of life. Needless to say, if my renunciation of people’s bullshit doesn’t resonate with you, it’s probably because you’re the type of person who craves for your worthless, insignificant judgements and theories to have a negative effect on people’s lives. But like I always say, the truth is the only reality—regardless of how adamantly you deny it. Yet, if you’re an ignorant idiot, existing outside of reality is liable to keep you happy. And because I’m not a hater, I wish you all the ignorance that you desire.

Again, I don’t hate Donald Trump, and I refuse to. A few days ago, Trump posted a nearly $92 million bond after he was found liable for rape in a civil case filed against him for an incident that took place almost 30 years ago. A woman alleges that Trump sexually assaulted her in the dressing room of a department store in New York sometime in the mid-90s. Personally, I believe that there have always been women who go out of their way to be close to Donald Trump. And with that trouble-free access to easy women, I assume that Trump became too comfortable in the company of the fairer sex, and said easy women have subsequently made his life trouble-ridden. Truthfully, I believe a lot of women are full of shit. Claims of sexual assault and abuse have been exploited as an unofficial abuse of power for females since women empowerment became trendy. On the contrary, men have misused, mistreated, mishandled, and done much more to misses since the beginning of time. To repeat myself once more, I don’t believe in the notion that everyone should believe women just because they have vaginas, or because men are historically brutish and belittling. Additionally, I believe that women sexually assault men all the time and get away with it regularly. And until people routinely insist on calling out women for their lack of accountability and proneness to misemploy the damsel in distress card, they’ll continue to get away with destroying innocent men’s reputations. I will never respect a lie and I hate liars! When accusers emerge after decades, and in conjunction with other unrelated but damaging controversies, I automatically assume that they have ulterior motives. If money is all people need to live financially free, and if obtaining that financial freedom is as simple as accusing someone you’ve come to dislike of a heinous crime, what’s the true motive for honesty? We all have regrets, and remorse becomes trauma when you can’t get over it. I believe that many women go through their “whore phase” with merriment, get older and have repentance for not valuing themselves, and jump at the opportunity to blame everyone but themselves when that repentance becomes unbearable. I’ve never thrown my dick around for simple reasons—I don’t want kids and I don’t want any diseases. Do you know what the saddest part about whore phases is? Sleeping around is heavily encouraged because irresponsibility is a component of ignorance, and ignorance is so blissful that people advocate it as if doing the opposite of what’s best for you will make you the happiest forever! If you didn’t give a fuck about what people think, you probably wouldn’t view sex as if it’s something that only cool people do, even as an adult. When I was young, I naturally likened being horny to being hungry. When you’re hungry, you find something to eat, and it’s typically nothing to brag about, right? When you’re horny, you find someone or something to fuck, and if you’re mature, it’s typically nothing to brag about, right? Be honest, y’all can’t relate to my level of maturity, can you? I remember the first time I licked a vagina, I was about 14 years old, and it was such a bad experience that I didn’t do it again until I was well into adulthood. There’s no significance to that statement, it’s just a fact. But if adults refuse to accept that children enjoy sex, especially after many of us started having sex as children, why should we expect any level of honesty, sensibility, or responsibility from adults?! Sex is as natural and necessary as breathing, but people treat it like it’s a crime—even when no actual crime was committed. So, when women are looking for a quick come up, why shouldn’t they take that thing that is customarily socially criminalized and play the victim? Sex is for everybody, just be responsible. And be honest with yourself about your kinkiness.

How many bad habits do you have? Admittedly, I have a few inefficient habits—even as someone who recognizes when something isn’t maximal. For the like the millionth time, perfect people are impossible. I talk my shit, and it comes from the heart, because I know who I am and I’m not ashamed of it. And in that shit-talking, you’re bound to realize that I’m smarter and mentally stronger than the average person, but that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. In fact, I sometimes downplay myself on purpose, just because I primarily don’t care to impress regular-ass people. If giving a fuck is a habit, there are many ways to break it. First, lie to yourself. Integrity is a commodity in contemporary times, which will make fooling yourself effortless because you’re likely already a fucking liar. Psyching yourself out and persistently working to convince yourself that you don’t care about people’s opinions can become a habit in itself. And eventually, with persistence, the thought of not giving a fuck will become second nature to you as long as you don’t forget to remember that you don’t care. That’s simple psychology, it’s scientifically proven, and it works! Second, start doing things that you know people don’t expect from you, but do it responsibly. For instance, if you’re single and you’ve only dated within your race, start dating outside your race. If you can afford it, switch up the style of your wardrobe. If you’re comfortable with it, change your normal hairstyle. If you’re tired of stupid motherfuckers, wait a while before you respond to their messages or return their phone calls. If you have rocky relationships, consider ending them or establishing stricter boundaries. Additionally, respectfully telling people that you don’t want or need their advice is a classic step into the direction of expressive freedom. These life-changing alterations don’t have to be dramatic or drastic, just do what you believe will help you think independently, but weigh the pros and cons of every action you take before you take it. Third, delete, deactivate, or depersonalize your social media accounts. Social media has become an obligation for many people who prefer to present themselves as an ideal. And the thirst and urgency for likes, follows, and acceptance is an expendable heavy load that many people should dump as soon as possible. Back in the late-2000s and going into the early-2010s, when I was sparsely uploading pictures and creating posts on social media, that shit even had me being a little extra and kind of fake. Fortunately, I’ve never been a heavy social media user. But in the early days of Myspace and Facebook, I remember posting shit that I should’ve kept to myself on occasion. If people don’t have your phone number, chances are it’s better for you if they don’t know what’s going on in your life. And the less you share, the fewer opinions you’ll be subjected to. People are going to be bleak when they speak and speculate even if they have all the facts, so keep those nosy, no business-having motherfuckers guessing. Those are the top three things that I’d recommend you trying if you want to be happier and more self-confident. You should never make a habit of perpetuating bad habits. Everything that you practice, and all the patterns that you structure in your life, should be designed to promote your progression—not to your back your regression. A big part of growing up is moving on, and the only way to move on is to change the way you think. People who disapprove of change are unfailingly unhappy. Change may be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary for growth. Do yourself a favor and grow the fuck up! Peace.

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