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Beau Tells, II

RIP to YNG Cheese. In my opinion, a man is defined by his ability to keep everyone around him healthy. That’s what protecting and providing is—making sure the people you love remain safe and flourishing. I believe black men often fall short in fatherhood because most black men are conflicted about what being a man really entails. One thing I learned early about people is, ignorance makes y’all emphatically acquiescent. People are dying for guidance and reassurance, even when it comes at the expense of their lives. Like I hinted at in the last post, not everything you learn is beneficial. Also, smart people can easily distinguish useful from useless information! I think most people want to be accepted, to any degree. And that yearning for acceptance urges people to adhere to preestablished conventions that are hyped by idiosyncratic cultures. For black men, those conventions include environmentally unfriendly practices—like, senseless violence, degradation of women, willful perpetuation of stupidity, an apparent affinity for affliction, a widespread and coordinated refusal to mature, etc. Ain’t it crazy how niggas openly acknowledge how their attitudes and behaviors aren’t conducive to their welfare, but they still insist on being stupid as fuck, anyway!? If you’re not new to my blog, then this point isn’t new to you. But it’s obvious, to me, that black men care way too much about what other black men think. Which leads back to my point about many people requiring acceptance to feel adequate. For instance, why do you think niggas join gangs? It’s for the companionship! Niggas don’t want to be or feel alone, yet they aren’t strong enough to admit that. So, all the stupid shit that niggas do is to appear as acceptable as possible, no matter how self-destructive their actions are. As we all know, the stupider a nigga is, the “realer” he is considered amongst his peers. Additionally, I’ve always hated how many black men compare the ghetto to the jungle, as if their emotional immaturity and overall oversensitivity are animalistic traits. Nigga, you’re always angry because you’re mentally ill. You have an insatiable appetite for destruction because you’re mentally ill. You lack empathy because you’re mentally ill. And you hate niggas who oppose you because they have the ability to take all the attention away from you. Whether y’all realize it or not, everything you do is for attention! All the drama, the bold-faced crimes, the fancy jewelry, the flashy cars, the designer clothes, the braggadocious babble—it’s all for attention. And you probably want to be seen and heard so bad because it makes you feel important, and that somehow makes you feel accepted. Start positively addressing these niggas’ existence, so we can move forward from all their baneful fragility!

On the Joe Budden Podcast, Joe casts his “nearest and dearest” friends as his co-hosts. And the one of his friends that provides the most intriguing commentary is a reformed reprobate turned businessman. This guy has been shot, he’s served time, he confesses to having a womanizing past, and for some reason he thinks those are all bragging points. Granted, none of our “jackets” are completely spotless, but isn’t swanking about your troubled past a little douchey? What could this guy be attempting to achieve by boasting about dumb-shit, other than acceptance from his peers? What type of women are impressed by a man being shot and engaging in multiple, transient sexual relationships? Again, if the old niggas don’t know no better, why the fuck should we expect the youngsters to know differently? I am supremely confident in my ability to help people understand who they are, because I’ve always seen “The Big Picture” from a broader perspective than most people. It’s important for me to have a comprehensive understanding of things, because I naturally don’t believe everything is about me. The average person contradicts themselves on a regular basis. And that’s because they never take the time out to consider their true feelings about things. For example, the female co-host of the JBP admits to being earthy, but she seemingly denies that it’s generally perceived as offensive. Earthy is defined as someone who is direct and uninhibited, especially about sexual subjects or bodily functions. This female podcaster is one of the most desirable women in hip hop history. And she’s not ashamed to flaunt her pretty and plentiful physical properties. But coincidentally, this woman is just as thirsty for attention as niggas are. There’s a lot of conscious consonance in black culture. Black men and women alike intentionally, but tentatively, but consistently perpetuate all the pernicious proclivities that they profess to hate. Specifically, if you loathe the idea of being disrespected and sexually harassed, but you dribble at the thought of being sexually desired, where do you compromise? By the same token, if you jump at the opportunity to be hated, but you’re repelled by the notion of being hated enough for a motherfucker to want you dead, how do you split the difference?!

Don’t shoot the messenger, shoot me a smile! How much do y’all love the truth? Do you even like the truth, at all? The truth is, the culture killed Gillie’s son—the same way it killed the tens of thousands of young black men before him! The same way it prompts Black Lives Matter rallies for everything but black-on-black crime! The same way it encourages young black women to objectify themselves! The same way it provokes self-objectifying black women to bitch about not being respected and protected! The same way it emboldens Gillie to reluctantly but readily promote black men engaging in fuck-shit! Again, may YNG Cheese rest in peace. Positivity is constructive and optimistic. I believe my opinions are constructive because they are meant to cite the clearly changeable corrupting and calamitous customs and characteristics of colored people. If I can help you see where you’re fucking up at, maybe I can assist in devising solutions to the problems that plague us all? And I am optimistic that my efforts won’t go unnoticed. Black people regularly rant about their disapproval of black people “tearing each other down”. And that’s yet another contradictory trait of niggas. Because niggas literally striking each other down is what generally gives rise to intramural criticism. Nobody knows the inner workings of black culture like black people. And when do you ever heed advice from people with no direct experience on the thing that they’re providing advice on? Never, right? The only people who should be chastising niggas is niggas! Because we know us best. And we know that niggas ain’t shit! Niggas don’t love themselves. Niggas can’t be trusted. And niggas don’t deserve to be spared from the truth! To quote myself yet again, you can’t grow without changing. It’s time to start changing the way y’all niggas think. Doing the right thing is as simple as not doing the wrong thing. And the right thing is whatever keeps you safe and prosperous. You can’t thrive if you’re dead or incarcerated. You can’t live your best life in a cell or in a casket. You can’t be respected if you don’t respect yourself first. You can’t be considered as more than just a sexual object if you insist on objectifying yourself. You can’t provide for and protect your loved ones if they’re not alive and free. And you can’t be a man if you don’t know what it means! Y’all better start learning, fast.

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