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Something Light, I

Yo, Joe Budden, you’re so fucked that I’m going to drag this shit out as long as possible—just to keep you in suspense. I might wait so long that you assume that I’m just bluffing. But when you know you’re guilty as fuck, and you’re a pathetic piece of shit with severe mental health issues, anytime seems like an eternity. So, if you watch the Joe Budden Podcast, you may have heard the cast refer to a mystery guy as “Collins”. Well, I’m “Collins”. But obviously, my real name is Beau Amoureux. And if you’ve been following along, you know that this isn’t my first time talking about how Joe Budden has been having me tailed, has bugged my house, has been harassing me in an esoteric manner, and is ultimately obsessed with me. Seemingly, Joe has had his cast members and staff sign non-disclosure agreements, barring them from interacting with me via social media or referring to me by name on the podcast. And he’s done that for a few reasons. One, he doesn’t want me to get any more popular than I am because then I won’t need him, and he wants to be a part of my journey to success. Two, after harassing me, stalking me, and committing espionage, acknowledging me in any way confirms that he knows who I am—which would be the nail in the coffin in my claims against him. Three, Joe believes that he’s an empath, and I’m almost certain that he thinks he can read my mind. I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why would a famous podcaster be obsessed with an unknown writer?” Well, it’s because I’ve inspired and impressed Joe to the point where he wants my approval—as he thinks highly of me and feels that my approval would validate him in some way. And again, he wants to be a part of my journey to success. If you know anything about Joe Budden, you know that he’s soft, sensitive, stupid, self-centered, and sort of insane. And if he weren’t those things, we would probably have a business partnership and a potential friendship. Over the past few months, I haven’t mentioned Joe, haven’t tweeted at him on the platform formerly known as Twitter, and haven’t referred to him on my blog. And if Joe Budden ain’t nothing else, he’s narcissistic as fuck! On episode 719 of the Joe Budden Podcast, Joe was fed up with me ignoring him, so he vindictively plagiarized my takes on the current state of hip hop beef. Then, he insultingly referred to me as the “autistic kid”, while asserting that nobody cares about my opinions on rap beef—as he reiterated many of my personal opinions. For the record, every male around Joe Budden is pathetic in my eyes! I could never do what y’all have done to me to somebody else, and I could never be in the company of punk-ass motherfuckers who’ve done those things. And if that makes you mad, I swear to y’all that I ain’t doing nothing but talking right now. I don’t know why y’all would want to piss me off—of all people! But now that you have ruffled my feathers, congratulations—you’ve played yourselves! Throughout my life, there have been times where I’ve felt slighted to the point where motherfuckers just had to pay. But I’m smart as fuck, so I’ve always found ways to force motherfuckers to play themselves, so I could keep my hands clean. This case ain’t no different. I’m going to give you stupid motherfuckers the opportunity to correct all your mistakes. Go on your podcast and tell the whole truth! If you don’t, I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve never been this angry in my fucking life! I don’t know why y’all would play with somebody like this and think that shit is just going to slide without serious consequences. Just so y’all know, I have several plans in motion with various fail-safes per plan, and everything is legal! Y’all just shouldn’t have fucked with me!

Now, back to this “Collins” thing. Melyssa Ford has, or had, a crush on me, mostly because I’m intelligent, expressive, mature, talented, and possess many attractive qualities. Again, they use the name “Collins” because they don’t want to or can’t say my real name, and because Joe thinks it triggers me—which it doesn’t. Mel, just to make it clear, I think you’re smart and sexy, and I’m flattered that you have or had interest in me. When Joe’s friend, Emanny, caught wind of Mel’s thing for me, he got jealous and shot his shot. However, Mel isn’t interested in an envious, exploitable, evil-intentioned easy mark, so she rejected him. What did Emanny do? He joined Joe in using made-up scenarios and situations to subliminally inform me that they are secretly watching me! For instance, one of my hobbies is tinkering on cars. I recently bought a light project car that had a busted brake light and a minor fender bender. To let me know that they knew what I was driving, on episode 718, Joe and Emanny made up this thing about the “Newark Boys” driving cars with body damage—but Joe specifically mentioned busted brake lights and fender benders. That could just be a coincidence, right? But it’s not. They tell those little made-up stories almost every episode, and it’s always something that I coincidentally experience. Joe thinks he’s smart, and he has been poking at me and picking on me for well over a year, but I ignored that shit in the beginning because I thought I was bugging. When I didn’t respond or react, in retrospect, I realize that Joe got progressively more specific with his subliminal shots, so it would leave no doubt in my mind that he was stalking me. Who would believe anything that I say if this motherfucker never says my name and never responds to my tweets, right? But in being a narcissist, Joe doesn’t realize that my talent is so undeniable that plenty of his peers read my blog. And I’m sure a few of them have confronted him about this ignominious issue. So, why is Joe doing all of this? Well, I’m a very powerful communicator. When I make a statement, it leaves a lasting impression. I’ve remarked about Joe and his character flaws occasionally, just as an observer of his work. And after finding out about my blog, Joe has been internalizing a lot of the general statements that I make. In being a piece of shit, Joe is perpetually vengeful. Maybe some of my early comments on Joe were offensive, but how the fuck could a podcaster be mad at a blogger for freely and fearlessly speaking their mind? And what type of person thinks that any of the bullshit that Joe and his cronies are doing is acceptable? What if I were suicidal? What if I had a mental disability? Joe is the incarnation of stupidity, and he epitomizes my enmity for stupid people. Sometimes, there just isn’t a nicer way to say something. On episode 720 of the JBP, you will hear Joe express to Melyssa Ford that she knows more words than him. However, he’s really speaking to me, and he believes that this could all be settled with a conversation—even after all the crimes he’s committed because he doesn’t like what I say and he feels rejected. They even named the episode, “You Know More Words Than Me.” Why? It’s because I’m a writer who knows more words than them. Additionally, on the same episode, you will hear Joe refer to autism and his thoughts on self-diagnosis, which is also a jab at me. To boot, Joe spends a lot of time posing and posturing in an attempt to clean up some of his previous inadvertent exposures of the truth on episode 720, but he does a poor job at it. This isn’t the whole story and this isn’t the end of the story. I’m mad as a motherfucker! And I won’t stop until I get a resolution. Peace.

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