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Fuck Forever

Forever is a mighty long time. Forever is an eternity. Forever is as long as it gets. That’s all I can think about when reflecting on matrimony. Marriage is viewed from a diverse perspective globally and culturally, but it can be fundamentally defined on a broad scope as a union between two people whom are in an interpersonal relationship. I don’t care to research the assorted traditions of marriage per cultural proclivity, so I’m just going to provide my empirical interpretation of the subject. Marriage is traditionally an amalgamation of a man and a woman, and their respective families, in an act meant to authenticate the spouses’ faithfulness to each other. Of course, men and women marry for different reasons, of which are customarily inspired by their cultural heritage. Nevertheless, I believe it’s safe to say most people marry because they believe marriage is the final step of the journey to the highly sought-after happily ever after. But, society illustrates an imprecise image of marriage, while making it seem as if wedlock is the only proper mechanism for lovers to maneuver through life. One thing most Americans know about marriage, is that 50% of all of them end in divorce, and that the percentage of divorces increase with each subsequent marriage. Certainly, that doesn’t include the perceptibly immense percentage of engaged couples that split before they can make it down the aisle. Plus, we’ve all heard stories about how spouses seemingly morph into different people after vows are exchanged. Marriage is love’s endgame, it’s the boss level of togetherness, and that’s why it seldom works out, because the average person is ill-equipped to conquer the apex of any given contest. If you enter a gratuitous battle with intentions to fight till death whilst understanding 50% of the combatants don’t arise victorious, are you going in to seek martyrdom or triumph, and is fighting an inessential battle worth it?

Love exists without a litigating agreement that legal binds spouses to one another and constrains them with legitimate obligations to each other. A contract between significant others isn’t vital to the fate of their endearment. It’s no secret that marriage complicates relationships, so what compels people to do something that’s more likely to fail than succeed? I believe a lot of people marry for the aesthetics of it all – the elaborate wedding, the rings, and the illusion of happiness that makes peers envious. Tradition and peer pressure are likely the two first-line reasons people get married. Either these people marry because they believe it’s what they’re supposed to do, or they do it plainly because it’s obsequious to the standards of adulthood. Ostensibly, if you graduate high school, graduate college, then get married you’ve lived your life right, at least in the eyes of the subservient societal collective. Additionally, there are the people who marry for security. Some people want a family with all their children in a single household, a conventional nuptial partnership, but it’s rarely successful. I could go on endlessly seeing that people marry for all sorts of reasons – money, fame, duty, you name it. Be that as it may, it is my distinct opinion that any marital union concocted outside of forced or arranged marriage is just plain ole stupid! It’s stupid because in most cases it’s pointless. In some cultures, people don’t have a choice, marriage is an imperative and a liability for them. Though marriage is not obligatory for majority of us, I can see why some people may not reckon it’s completely voluntary. Marriage is just another propagandized fallacy promoted to lead people up the garden path toward the unobtainable prototypical life. None of us live in a Disney fantasy world where the dashing, debonair knight magically converges with the regal, queenly princess and they wed then run off to live a lifetime in bliss. Instead, we live in a world where people know perfection is a chimera, but they mindlessly pursue it regardless. They witlessly enter a war without the optimal arsenal and dream that they’ll somehow make it through.

Love is blind. By that, I mean love is indiscriminate. Anyone can love anyone or anything. A man can amorously love another man, a woman can romantically love another woman, and there should never be any curtailments on marriage. I’m a bonafide, unapologetic atheist. There’s no doubt in my mind that any directives established by man are meant to be objected and rejected. I only have faith in my congenital power to think independently. If you don’t accept and practice free will, then you’ll never be anything more than a puppet. If you believe in free will and you condemn same-sex marriage, then you’re a blooming fool and a hypocrite. Where in the literal fuck do people get off assuming the “right” to an opinion is by fair means or foul the privilege to interpose their delusions into other people’s lives? Whether the world likes it or not, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders exist, and there’s nothing that can be done to eliminate them. Knowing that, opposers of same-sex marriage should understand it’s impertinent, presumptuous, and just a blatant waste of time to actively exhibit disapproval of something they can’t control. People are weak and stupid, and that’s something I’ve been confident about my entire life! To discriminate against innocuous acts of love in fits of hatred is reprehensible. No one who believes in true love would ever show intolerance for same-sex relationships. No one who is content with their own life by their own accord would ever try to intervene with or inhibit someone else’s contentment. Sexual orientation is just as natural as love itself. Marriage is essentially only a gesture of fidelity and commitment, and it shouldn’t be circumscribed or restricted by means of partiality toward sexuality. Liberty and independence are things everyone desires, they’re things that are fallaciously inculcated in Americans, and they are things that don’t apparently exist in our world. If freedom were real, there would be no argument to make on this matter. It’s the battle we’ve been indoctrinated to believe we’ve won while still in vigorous combat.

Love is a complex conundrum. It’s also believed to be the most powerful and impactful emotion. Love makes people do crazy things, and maybe marriage is one of those things. Maybe a nonessential battle fought and lost is better than an unnecessary battle evaded… that just sounds illogical. Marriage is an irrational leap of faith with a flimsy, questionable safety net. People can be madly in love till death do them part without a marriage certificate. As a concept, marriage is a great show of diligence, devotion, and dedication. As a reality, marriage is commonly the beginning of the end of a relationship. Even if people marry for all the proper reasons, where can you go after you’ve reached the summit of the mountain? I believe an expansive number of failed marriages founder because spouses don’t see a possibility for the relationship to progress past the plateau of marriage. If a marriage is going to work, the act of marriage can never be the ultimate objective. Also, a person should never settle or marry for any reason other than their undeniable belief that their spouse is the only person on Earth for them to spend the rest of their life with. I think it suffices to say that infidelity is the primary cause of irreconcilable differences in a marriage. Monogamy is simply unnatural, not the desire for exclusivity and having a single sexual partner, but the action of spurning instinctual attractions to various people. The hankering to mate is part of human composition, and it’s practically impracticable to routinely transgress natural instincts. That fact alone is enough for me to quarrel with the idea of monogamy. I personally don’t crave to over-complicate my life for any reason. Marriage is an avoidable complication. I choose my battles wisely. The only things I want to last forever are my immunity to defeat and my aptness for emerging a champion in each crusade that I partake. As for relationships, I say “fuck forever”!

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