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Everybody’s Stupid, XXVI

Life is a routine, it’s the same shit over and over, every fucking day! Unfortunately, people change about as often as their routines change, which isn’t very often. I blame the routine for the ubiquitous despondency and desolation that is perceptible amid the masses. “Graduate high school, finish college, start a lucrative career, get married, buy a house, have children, live ‘your’ life”. Okay, firstly, how is it “my” life if everybody is directed to and expected to do all the same shit?! Secondly, get the fuck out of here! We don’t learn shit in high school, college ain’t nothing but a devitalizing and excessively expensive 4-year party, the long-established unstable economy determines how lucrative jobs are, most marriages end in divorce, student loans and an unstable economy make it difficult for people to finish paying their mortgages, children are a liability and a life-long commitment (if you’re a good parent), and those ill-advised precepts are the reason most people don’t enjoy living their lives! When was the last time you received advice from someone you fully respect? Better yet, when was the last time you received advice that both made sense and applied to you directly?! People don’t know shit! The day before Thanksgiving, I got into a spat with my ex-con uncle. It wasn’t an argument per se, just him bluffing at the top of his lungs, faking and making a complete fool of himself, and me calmly informing that clown-ass nigga that he ain’t about shit! That mental midget spewed every puerile insult he could conjure while attempting to make me believe that his pathological perception of himself is real, and it was pathetic! I’m talking about someone who spent 20 years in prison exclusively because he’s stupid! That’s two entire decades of no real-world experience, no income, no sex, no intellectual interactions, no growth or maturity, no sense of responsibility, and just a whole lot of nothing! What the fuck can that nigga tell anybody about anything other than life as an inmate!? I’m the smartest person I know, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ve heard people say, “if you’re the smartest person you know, blah, blah, blah!”. Shut the fuck up! I will die before I listen to another motherfucker tell me who I am or who I’m supposed to be! However, I’m always aiming to change.

Change is the eventual ending and subsequent start of each new day. As time progresses and days pass, I strive to be smarter, stronger, and closer to my personal goals. Notice I said, “my personal goals”. I live for me, whether people love it, hate it, disagree with it, don’t understand it, or whatever. People don’t matter to me. Again, people don’t change, they don’t live their own lives, and they don’t know shit! I believe it’s difficult for most people to be themselves, because they’re afraid of what other people will think of them. Things like trends and traditions exist for the purpose of creating majorities. I think it’s human nature for people to seek control and command. I’m sure we’ve all noticed that everybody always wants to be right, even when it’s evident that they’re wrong. Well, isn’t it easier for everyone to feel like they’re right if they follow the preponderance of followers who all covet being part of a majority? Everybody is right and everybody is in control when all those motherfuckers believe in the same bullshit! Doesn’t it feel good when your doubts and fears are removed? Shit, it feels even better to you know that you are not alone! And that’s the whole point of my blog! I want all the smart people out there, the biggest minority group of humanity, to understand that they are not alone! This shit ain’t for all you stupid motherfuckers who read my shit and nitpick, looking for typos to demonstrate that I’m not as smart as I know I am, copying and pasting my shit to Google in failed attempts to prove I’m a plagiarist, scouring my writing for potential contradictions to make moot points about shit you will never understand, etc. Fuck y‘all! Everything you read on this blog is 100% me, the only things I occasionally copy is definitions to single words, otherwise all the words I write come directly from my magnificent brain. People know that they’ll never be on my fucking level! I told y’all that being humble is a weakness! Believe in yourself like you’re the only person who will ever believe in you! I know I’m smarter than most people! I know I’m a better writer than majority of the college-educated professionals out there! And I know there are people who need to hear the shit I have to say!

Life is bigger than opinions. Ultimately, everything derives from people’s opinions. Everything from the propagated and predetermined life objectives that I mentioned earlier, to the laws the government creates, to people’s reactions to other people’s life choices are opinion-based. If some people still believe Earth is flat, imagine how severely misinterpreted everyday life is! Even with all the factual evidence that is contrary to people’s opinions, most people still value their own feelings over facts. At some point, if you want to be happy, you must break away from the routine of living your life based on baseless, opinion-based nonsense! For instance, if cheating in proposed monogamous relationships is such a prevalent problem, why do people believe monogamy is the best relationship option for everybody? Obviously, people cheat because monogamy isn’t natural, and it isn’t natural because nobody naturally finds only one person sexually attractive, and if you’re sexually attracted to multiple people while in a monogamous relationship you’re prone to infidelity. Now, those facts are easy for me to grasps, because I’m smart enough to understand and accept the truth, even when the injudicious majority stupidly attempts to encourage the opposite. People are stupid, so don’t listen to them! I know most people aren’t as mentally fortified as I am. And if my words aren’t sufficient enough to buttress your inner “fuck it”, look around and realize that everybody is weak! Everybody who toils to meet another motherfucker’s opinion-based expectations, everybody who follows a majority solely to avoid admitting that they are wrong and they’re not in control, everybody who needs to diminish another person’s spirit to replenish their own, and everybody who wants everybody to be like everybody else is weak! Fuck those weak-ass motherfuckers! And if you’re one of those people, it’s never too late to change. Change is inevitable, it’s unrelenting, and it can’t be stopped! Nobody can choose to not be a part of change, because the shit is going to happen with or without you. But you have the power to create change, and you have the ability to decide how change affects your life. Never surrender your power, and use said power to defend against anyone and everyone who labors to misappropriate it!

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