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Everybody’s Stupid, Part I

The most common theme to my writing is my expression of aversion toward all things stupid. For me, the thing is, I think everything is stupid. From the doctrines we’re indoctrinated with from birth, to the operative functions of the institutions in government – there isn’t much that’s reasoned about the world and the way it operates. In my labyrinthine mind, I almost never have a single conclusion to any belief that I hold. As it pertains to everything, there’s ultimately much more grey area than black or white from my perspective. However, I understand my views on life are greatly impacted by the sheer stupidity of everything in it. Stupid things can be defined as things that lack intelligence or things that don’t make sense. Can a person truly understand something that doesn’t make sense to them? My answer to that question would be, yes and no. I’d say yes, because things that are stupid to me generally lack complexity and intricacy, so they’re not difficult to interpret. I’d say no, because I’m smart enough to infer that there are more things I don’t know, than there are things I do know. Yet, I’m also aware that I’m overall smarter and more knowledgeable than most people. With that being said, I believe it’s my personal duty to explain to EVERYBODY the reasons they’re stupid. This blog post will be the first in a series I’ve decided to deem, plainly, “Everybody’s Stupid”. In this segment, I will discuss people’s stupid expectations for themselves, and why change isn’t always a good thing.

Financial freedom, happiness, and loyal loved ones are three things that everyone desires. People witlessly spend their entire lives pursuing a picture perfect, stress-free, uninhibited life, to little or no avail. People don’t succeed in their pursuit of a quintessential life, because that life unquestionably just doesn’t exist! I think we all enjoy closing our eyes and building castles in the air and kingdoms in the clouds, even while we’re acquainted with the realization that fantasies aren’t, and could never be, a reality. Even still, there are many people who believe anything that’s possible for someone else is achievable for them. But, that too is a fantasy! We all want to be successful at everything we try, we all want to be in good spirits one-hundred percent of the time, and we all want to be encompassed by love and positive energy every time we interact with other people. But, none of that shit is possible! Everybody takes loses regularly, everybody gets in an unhappy mood from time to time, and everybody is obligated to deal with unsavory characters on occasion. Life is unavoidable for everyone living it! On that basis, everyone has room for improvement in their lives. Whether your desire to progress in life is encouraged by observing someone else’s prosperity, or it’s elicited by soberly acknowledging that you can do better – you should never allow your aspirations to exceed your capabilities. When people are woolgathering and daydreaming about the life they want, they have a tendency to remove themselves from the equation. You must consider your personal ability to adapt to any presented situation, your aptness for persevering through adversity and hardship, and your power to remain determined regardless. In science, there’s a reason why stability is the antithesis of change, and it’s because something must be transmuted to become different. You can’t alter something without making it dissimilar from what it once was. So, you can’t modify your life without transforming yourself!

The most common change for all of us is the transition from childhood to adulthood. This is a change every adult has experienced. But, there’s more to growing up than just getting taller, growing pubic hair, and developing a craving to fuck people who you find attractive. Progressing in age should promote maturity. And no, maturity doesn’t mean losing your playfulness and your sense of humor or forfeiting your joy of eating candy and watching cartoons. Maturity simply means to be responsible and wise. And, it’s irresponsible and unwise to make dramatic alterations to your life in an attempt to move forward. It’s also counterproductive. We all live in a world where nobody’s real, but everybody claims to be. Everybody knows who they want to be, but nobody knows who they are. Everybody knows where they want to be, but nobody knows how to get there. All the world’s uncertainties start with you! Change in life is difficult, because people ofttimes refuse to admit that they’re uncertain about what’s certain. In addition, sudden substantial adjustments in life all but favor worse circumstances. For example, people suffering from substance abuse can face fatal complications from withdrawal if they decide to abruptly quit abusing those substances. All the same, imperfect circumstances in life may not be the most ideal, but they often suffice over contrary circumstances achieved by making radical or drastic changes in your life. Not all change is for the better, but stagnation is bad for growth. Life is complicated! It is very possible to progress in a divergent direction, similar to it being probable that change meant to be advantageous can turn out to be disadvantageous. Fully understanding that nothing’s certain, separate from death, can alleviate some of life’s unpredictability.

I recently overheard a conversation between two young women. While conversing, the older young lady was advising the younger one to make more mindful decisions. The younger one then implied that young people are entitled to make mistakes to gain life experience. Her belief is part of a common misconception that many people, young and old, carry throughout life. It’s stupid to believe that intentionally making childish decisions in hopes of learning a lesson is more rewarding than being sensible and sagacious enough to avoid making mistakes altogether. We’re not all created equal! Some people are savagely stupider than others. And for that reason – growth, maturation, and progression are outside the realm of possibility for a whole lot of people. I sometimes feel like I’m stuck, because I’m antithetical to all the normalcies and regularities of everyday life and everyday people. I live in a constant state of uncertainty because I’m always thinking, and being a conscious person is a hell of a burden to bear. Being a smart person circumscribed by a world of stupidity forces me to be ever-changing, even if those changes don’t contribute to an advancement toward better life circumstances. When I think about where I want to be in life, my first thoughts are questioning the reasons I’m in my current position. Then, I choose my most difficult obstacle, the biggest obstruction between me and my goals, and I devise a set of solutions for each problem that obstacle presents. After which, I implement a plan. Again, change means to make something different. That difference doesn’t have to be momentous, it only has to be!

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