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Everybody’s Stupid, LXII

People ain’t real! The most unrealistic thing for a person to say or believe is, “I don’t take losses!”. You can be as vigilant, persistent, resilient, outspoken, confrontational, stubborn, and avaricious as you want, but you’re still going to take losses. That’s life! And the moment you confuse life as it is with life as you see it, life itself is going to show you what it is. Sorry. For a lot of people, who they want to be, who they think they are, and who they portray themselves to be are a far cry from reality. For instance, I just watched a Desi Banks skit featuring Boosie, and the controversial Louisiana rapper stated that he doesn’t take losses. Imagine an ex-convict with constant brushes with the law, multiple baby-mamas, and gunshot wounds claiming that he’s exempt from the consequences of reality. In reality, shit happens! Also in reality, stupid people are more liable to lose than anyone else. And unfortunately for most people, you’re stupid. What type of reverse psychology do these niggas be trying to pull? The fucked-up part is, y’all be believing that bullshit! Boosie was just arrested for gun possession, as a convicted felon. And just in being arrested, he immediately lost his freedom, albeit temporarily, for now. Without being heavy about black people’s struggle for freedom in America, let’s break this down, simply. What all do you lose when you lose your freedom? Being incarcerated, in addition to losing your freedom, you lose time, love, money, attention, opportunities, sanity, sex (maybe), and more. Not to mention the fact that you could easily lose your life while imprisoned. If dying is the ultimate loss, incarceration must be the penultimate, right? Pun intended. Gun violence is at a new all-time high. And many people who have or would declare that they’re immune from losing are expeditiously losing their loved ones, and their own lives. What message is stupid-ass niggas like Boosie sending when they assert, fundamentally, that they’re metahuman? Remember, niggas are the same people who think crying and “shedding tears” ain’t the same thing! Niggas, y’all are weak as FUCK! Nah, let that shit soak in! Feel it! Accept it! Because you’re never doing yourself any favors. When you’re not beyond delusional, like niggas, attenuating your adversities is a healthy way to circumvent misery and remain optimistic. But when you’re a nigga, pretending that all the bad things that have happened and will inevitably happen to you have never and will never happen, makes you weak as fuck! For example, referring to losses as lessons is only constructive when you learn something that aids in the prevention of identical losses. But when you’re a nigga, you’re just lying to yourself every time you unavoidably fuck-up.

Have you ever sat and thought about all the dumb-shit you’ve said and done just to impress or appease other people? How much of your attitude, behavior, and proclivities are affected by culture? I’ve always believed that black men are more concerned with the opinions of other black men than they are with their own well-being. Damn-near everything niggas do is for other niggas’ attention! Think about it. Historically, black men stopped being family-oriented around the late-70s. Ironically, the more freedom niggas got, the less interested they became in working to provide for and protect their families. This story is old as hell, and we already know about the hoes, the drugs, the gangs, and the guns, so I’ll skip that. But when you fast forward to today, why hasn’t anything changed? Why haven’t niggas matured and advanced? And why is shit seemingly getting worse? It’s because of the way you motherfuckers think! Naturally, niggas have a designated set of insecurities that they don’t address as a culture. I’ll explain, and don’t worry, I’ll reserve the “big” words for a more appropriate time. Yes, I’m saying niggas is dumb! Firstly, niggas believe that surviving hardships and disasters is an honorary part of being black. So, niggas will deliberately place themselves in drama, while hoping to survive it, just so they can be regarded as a “real nigga”. Secondly, niggas deem quintessential, contemporary black women worthless. Black women who follow the rudimentary trends of black culture are generally unsophisticated, easy to fuck, and highly interested in “real niggas”. So, said “real niggas” never have a problem impregnating women that they openly disparage. Even though those women collectively concur that “niggas ain’t shit”. That’s sad as fuck, ain’t it!? Thirdly, niggas believe that showing emotion is a weakness. I’ve made this argument several times. But if niggas are quick to show anger, and anger is an emotion, doesn’t that make angry niggas emotional? Come on, now. Y’all soft-ass, hoe-ass, emotional-ass niggas ain’t fooling nobody. Your mood is intense, your temper is quick, and you’re so easily offended because you KNOW you’re a sensitive person, punk-ass motherfucker! If Tony Soprano went to therapy and kept his dignity, you can do it too. Which leads to my fourth and final simple point, niggas believe that admitting to and addressing their mental health problems is humiliating. When are y’all going to stop playing yourselves?! What’s more pathetic, willfully living in misery or faking like you’re happy while doing it?

People ain’t real. Y’all think the truth is supposed to be entertaining, huh? Nah. Y’all listen to all those silly-ass internet comedians say wild shit that you claim nobody else has the guts or the gall to say, but you liken said comedians to all the old, bitter, unsuccessful, miserable-ass people in your life, don’t you? If niggas ain’t good for nothing else, they’re masterful shit-talkers. Think about all the old-ass niggas who are constantly in your ear, leading you in the wrong direction. One day, when I was a teenager, I was having a conversation with my mom. And she asked me what I would do if a random nigga walked by and “mean-mugged” me for no reason. I told her that I would just ignore him, and she was visibly disappointed. My own mother wanted me to say that I would fight a total stranger just because he was staring at me. Sorry, ma. I’m not one of those! I’ve never had the insecurity that compelled me to put myself in a potentially fatal situation just to prove a point or save face. Do you know why? Because that’s how little of a fuck I give about what niggas think. You can think I’m the biggest bitch in world, but who the FUCK are you?! What makes your opinion so special that it necessitates a reaction from me? Niggas, we ALL know that niggas is bitches, right? So, if niggas is bitches, why do niggas crave to put their lives and freedom on the line just to prove to bitch-ass niggas that they’re not bitches? I assume that y’all must care about what bitch-ass niggas think, right? I wish a motherfucker WOULD tell me I’m lying! Rap music and black culture are brimming with receipts that verify my claims. Like, the surveillance footage that shows Tupac attacking Orlando Anderson to prove that he was a “straight rider”, right before Orlando murdered him. And the picture that Pop Smoke took right before those bum-ass niggas came for the money he was flashing in the picture. And the cellphone footage of King Von fighting his rival in public, in the street, right before a frightened instigator shot him dead. And the innumerable violent videos on WorldStar Hip Hop and similar sites, that depict niggas going at it over nonsense. The list endless. And we know what it is! Niggas are the evidence that proves niggas are “niggas”. Y’all took a negative stereotype and turned it into an archetype! All the nigga-shit that niggas do is on purpose! Niggas lose on purpose. Niggas are stupid on purpose. Niggas get locked up on purpose. Niggas get shot on purpose. Niggas are deadbeat dads on purpose. Niggas die on purpose. Niggas are weak as fuck on purpose. And I’m the opposite of niggas, on purpose! Peace.

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