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Everybody’s Stupid, CXLV

So, if you thought you hated me before, or if you thought I was crazy before, prepare yourselves to be reassured. But before we get to that, I have a wicked take that I sincerely give credence to. And y’all know that I’m smarter than y’all, so just hear me out. Honestly, heaven sounds like it fucking sucks! What’s more enjoyable than sinning? How can a place with strict and restrictive rules and regulations ever be considered paradise? On the face of it, there’s seemingly no freedom in heaven. Again, everything that humans enjoy is a sin! And even our natural responses to life are condemned by your God. Y’all, according to your Bible, even depression is fucking sinful! When you think about what despondency is and what causes it, people are generally despondent in moments of defeat, or when they are deficient in or devoid of hope and they’re yearning for revitalization or relief from life’s trials and tribulations. According to some random version of the Good Book, sloth—one of the Seven Deadly Sins—is the “culpable lack of physical or spiritual effort.” Superficially, doesn’t that sound like despondency to you? If you feel defeated and you’ve lost hope, if you’re religious, that’s the time when you need God the most, right? But in God’s eyes, losing your vitality, periods of indolence, being dispirited, or failing to advance God’s plans—under any circumstance—is disgraceful. How the fuck can humans circumvent depression on a planet full of stupid-ass humans?! Obviously, humans wrote the Bible. And they wrote it before people were intelligent enough to know how stupid people are. There’s a difference between understanding shit and believing that you have an understanding, but you won’t know the difference unless you understand how much you don’t know. As a leader and an independent thinker, I naturally don’t give a fuck about what other people want for me—I have my own desires. So, I could never be religious because I’m not a follower, and gods are inherently dictatorial—they thrive on their omnipotence. Diverging slightly, what are you doing that doesn’t make sense? Sometimes, I just sit back and think about my habits and proclivities, and there’s always something that I believe I’m doing incorrectly or inefficiently. We are who we are, and it’s often difficult—if not impossible—to disagree with yourself. To me, devoting oneself to a cause that diminishes one’s own value doesn’t make sense because it’s counterintuitive to believe that your life has a greater purpose while concluding that said purpose is to be a servant. Naturally, I want to challenge authority on all levels, and that includes that of the “almighty”. Like I keep telling y’all, everything is made up. And authority is either given or taken, but it’s never absolute or unambiguous. At any moment, anything could be taken away from anyone—that’s the nature of humanity’s susceptibility to change. If God is more than human, but humans don’t know of anything real that’s impervious to change, what keeps God omnipotent? Who gave your God its power, and what makes you think that power isn’t susceptible or removable? Do you trust humans enough to have confidence in their accounts of history? And how much information from the Bible do you think has been lost in translation? You can’t be intelligent and just believe what you’ve been told. Edgar Allan Poe once very straightforwardly dictated that you should “believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.” From my perspective, the Bible is just hearsay! And as far as I’m concerned, history hasn’t shown us anything biblical to only halfway consider. Generally, miracles can be explained—if you’re receptive to reality. In my opinion, religious people have an innate detachment from reality that inspires their belief in the supernatural or their adoration of the unexplainable. When you don’t want to accept shit for what it is, or if you can’t fathom an explanation for what’s happening or what’s happened, you start thinking of what-ifs, right? What if God is the biggest what-if known to mankind? What if what-ifs are the antithesis of what’s real, and what if what’s real is what what-ifs are created to conceal? Sit down and think about if you should stop believing what you believe!

Obviously, I’m a source of inspiration for a lot of people. And if you’ve done a little research on me, or if you’ve been paying attention to the personal information that I’ve divulged, you should’ve realized that I have a lot in common with the rappers in the Big 3. We’re all the same age, or around the same age, and I have similar personality traits to Cole and Kendrick. I’m almost certain that Kendrick, Cole, and Drake read my blog. So, remember when I said, “…if I were Kendrick Lamar in this scenario, I would release multiple diss tracks all at once…”? Well, that’s exactly what K. Dot did. And not only that, he pretty much shouted me out on more than one track. “Mustard (muster) on the beat, hoe! ‘Deebo’ (de-Beau) any rap nigga. ‘He a freak, though?’” Of course, Deebo is a bully from the “Friday” franchise, and “Friday” was shot in South Central, California. Kendrick Lamar is from Compton, California, and DJ Mustard is from Los Angles, California. By saying that he would “Deebo” any rapper, Kendrick is insinuating that he would bully any rapper. Additionally, the prefix “de-“ denotes the removal or reversal of something. In the aforementioned line, “de-Beau” means to remove me from Drake’s fan base. Admittedly, I don’t expect any of you to believe this, but I don’t give a fuck! I’m officially legendary as fuck! I’m not even going to explain the other ways in which I’ve influenced this beef, but just know that I’ve been instrumental in this melodious melee—as I so aptly put it previously. As far as I’m concerned, the battle between Kendrick and Drizzy is over, and Kendrick won. Yet, Dot doesn’t seem to be done, as he’s suggested that he has at least ten diss tracks in total, and we’ve only heard four. To Drake’s credit, as songs, I like “Family Matters” and “The Heart Part 6” a lot. Drake was rapping-rapping on both of those tracks. And I think “Family Matters” is better than “Euphoria”. But Kendrick’s three-strike combination—“6:16 in LA”, “Meet the Grahams”, and “Not Like Us”—was devastating! Is Drake a pedophile? Does Drake employ sex offenders? Personally, I think Drake could have any woman that he wants. But don’t you get tired of the same old shit after a while? Kinky sex is more exciting and pleasurable because it’s deviant and avowedly taboo. What if Drake is tired of grown bitches? Everybody has a little dirt on their jacket, some just cover it up better than others. Aside from all that, this whole shit seems orchestrated to me! Remember, we caught a snippet of the beginning of “Family Matters” at the end of “Push Ups”, and “Push Ups” was released approximately three weeks before “Family Matters”. What’s up with that shit?! And Cole backing out of the beef could lead one to assume that he was forewarned of the egregious extent that his opponents were taking their insults, and he withdrew because he didn’t want to stoop to that level of fuckery. At this point, if I were J. Cole in this scenario, I would release a compliment track in contrast to the diss tracks—explicating the negative consequences of beef and expounding on how Drake and Kendrick are great men in their own rights. Cole could too congratulate himself on being a bigger person than his counterparts, while offering to be a mentor or mediator to the two rollicking rappers. Moreover, if Kendrick is just making up shit for shock value, does that make him a clout chaser? And doesn’t Drake sound like he’s over this whole thing in “The Heart Part 6”? Do you think Kendrick or Drake will end up regretting anything that they’ve said thus far? If you’ve been devaluing J. Cole as a rapper after his gracefully bowing out of the beef, imagine how much more peaceful Cole’s life is right now. Drake must be getting trolled incessantly with taunts and teases of his alleged affinity for underage girls. And I’m sure people are bombarding Kendrick with gibes about him being a liar and an abuser. It’s all fun and games until the games are no longer fun. Peace.

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