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An Introduction

My name is Beau Amoureux and I am an intensely opinionated individual, hence why I decided to become a blogger. This isn’t my first blog, and this isn’t my first website. My first viable attempt at becoming a successful blogger was approximately three years ago, when I started “”. The blog ran for two and a half years, it was a mild success with nearly no promotion, I gained a marginal amount of notoriety, and I’m almost certain a writer at NBC plagiarized at least two of my blog posts for Lawrence O’Donnell – one was about the contrasts between intelligence and education, and the other was about Donald Trump. I will revise and repost most of my old articles on this new blog. Literature and language arts were always my favorite subjects in school. I gravitated toward studies of grammar and composition, because I’ve been intrigued by words for as longs as I can remember. Poetry, debating, lecturing, and generally all methods of communication conducted through expressive dialogue have become second nature to me. Expression is something that comes naturally to mostly all of us, it’s primal and instinctive, but articulation requires knowledge and understanding of language. As a writer, it’s often difficult to discover the best way to convey a message, because there are so many words with identical or similar definitions, and various ways to arrange those words in a sentence to best get your point across. This conflict in word choice is mostly apparent when I speak, because I find myself stumbling over words and merging words together quite often while engaged in conversation. I love writing, because it provides the opportunity for me to contemplate what I want to say and how I want to say it. But, having time to construct an intently composed message isn’t always the best thing for a writer, because again, there are so many different ways to convey the same message. I constantly battle with being consistently articulate while striving to be more eloquent.

I’m also a very conscious person. By conscious, I mean I’m always aware of my surroundings, I interpret reality as an actuality, and I’m ALWAYS thinking. In fact, I think I think a little too much! I overthink. I think so much, sometimes I forget what I’m thinking about while I’m thinking about it. That’s another reason why I love writing, it allows me to enumerate my thoughts. Unfortunately, we live in a technological age, where anyone can go online and spew their thoughts and opinions in a post for the world to see. This has given blogging a bad rep, but it has also increased the popularity of creative writing, which presents bloggers with the possibility to become a “personality” and transform themselves and their blog into a brand. I’ve never been a very sociable person, because though observation and experience I’ve deduced that most people are unconditionally incapable of being genuine. This is another apparent issue posed by the age of social media, anyone can assume any identity they want. There are several things that piss me off and multiple things that I dislike, but there’s nothing I abhor more than a liar. Lying is almost never necessary. Personally, I’d never want to be anyone other than myself, but I digress. I’ve always considered myself an intellectual, because I’ve always thought critically and objectively whilst using logic and reason to conceive notions from the information that’s exhibited to me. To think objectively, you must completely negate emotions and feelings in forming opinions, drawing conclusions, devising solutions, making decisions, etc. I’d rather accept something for what it is, than to manipulate my own mind to alter my perception of something that will never be what I want it to be. Possessing an absolute comprehension of who you are is very liberating. Self-awareness is the key element to true confidence. I know exactly who I am and I’m proud to say that.

I’ve always been eccentric and a nonconformist. I’d rather find my own path than follow an established one. I’d rather stand out than fit in. I’d rather set trends than follow them. A lot of people say they’re different, but they’re not! To be “different”, you must have an individualistic mindset. Authentic uniqueness derives from self-reliance and only a person who can think for themselves without being influenced by external sources withholds the faculty to be self-reliant. I believe I bear a distinct proficiency in placing things in perspective and making perplexing matters comprehensible, which is why I’m so comfortable sharing my ideas. Fact is, people are stupid! It’s not just a few people, it’s seemingly, practically everybody. In recent times, I’ve felt compelled to denounce and refute most of what I witness from the world. Nothing is as it should be, and people are obviously oblivious to the truth. This is my primary purpose for creating a blog, to shed some light on obscured views and perspectives. Please tell a friend to tell a friend and visit Beau Amoureux regularly, religiously even, if you desire to know what’s really real!

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